Shanghai Fake Market Prices

Shanghai Fake Market Price List

Item Name
Item Description
Price (RMB)
IDItem NamePrice (RMB)DescriptionDate Added
2954AirPod Max450Good quality big box not the small ones2023-08-05
2952Watch 100Watch 2023-06-24
2951Gucci belt80Brown with gold letters2023-06-19
2950Nike tech200Nike tech2022-08-28
2949Moana, play pack2iemfiud gduicbei7st67yvghdrknregvcgdb deghsusjnghjdy7udjnerncyudeevdcbghfcntjgbbfnbvmbg kuyegkmgt6gv, dgjudeejufye2022-06-04
2947Jordan1002946 2022-03-01
2945Jordan 1002022-02-10
2942Uggs Boots100good quality2021-11-29
2941Scarfs10silk scarfs2021-08-27
2939jordan 1002021-08-04
2938289810Tasche 2021-05-29
2904Balenciaga 40Shoes2020-09-25
2902Balenciaga 50Shoes 2020-08-28
2894Transformers Brawl22Transformer Brawl Decepticon 15 cm2020-07-02
2881Prada purse500clutch, black2020-03-16
2875Duffel bags 400Louis Vuitton 2020-02-20
2873Apple Airpods100Airpods2020-01-28
2871duffle bag120Herschel duffle. Starting price 260.2020-01-19
2868Apple Airpods100Airpods2020-01-16
2867Purses6001 LV, 1 Gucci, 1 Prada2020-01-16
2866Bag90Supreme day pack2020-01-16
2864chanel 65necklace2020-01-15
2860Superdry Hoodie1504XL men blue2019-12-29
2858Champion T shirt50Large2019-12-18
2857Canada Goose2000Women jacket2019-12-15
2856AirPods130Luoda good quality AirPods 2 2019-12-09
2855Alexander McQueen sneaker300Real leather, good quality 2019-12-08
2854Rolex Datejust Ladies300Good quality 1:12019-12-08
2853New balance 990100pNew balance 2019-12-07
2852Magnets203 magnets2019-12-02
2851Bag12001 Burberry, 1 Jimmy Choo, 1 prada2019-12-02
2850Bag1351 Mickeal kors, good quality2019-12-02
2849Tie201 silk tie2019-12-02
2848Scarf1502 Cashemire Burberry, 1 gucci, good quality2019-12-02
2847Tea set706 cups + 1 tea pot2019-12-02
2846Scarf1502x thin cashmere LV 2019-11-28
2845Belt 110Diesel + Noname (2 total)2019-11-27
2841rolex 500watch 2019-11-22
2839Havaianas35Women slim2019-11-20
2837Superdry220Jacket waterproof2019-11-16
2836Phone car support252019-11-12
2835External battery tank10010000 mAh2019-11-12
2833Superdry 220jacket waterproof2019-11-12
2832Jordan 300Shoes2019-11-12
2830Air forces90White2019-11-09
2819Rimowa Large Size Aluminum Bod600A-Grade. 2019-10-20
2816Rimowa mid-size luggage800B grade - almost A grade quality 2019-10-16
2810Galaxy S6250Tablet2019-10-06
2809Smartwatch80No brand2019-10-06
2808Ronaldo Juventus80T-shirt and Trousers 2019-10-06
2807Micheal Kors125Bag2019-10-06
2805Dolce & Gabbana 150Bag2019-10-06
2803Breightling 600Watch2019-10-03
2800Supreme wallet10Good quality2019-09-28
2798T shirt champion adulte702019-09-26
2797Polo porche adulte702019-09-26
2796T shirt nike30Adulte pour courir2019-09-26
2795T shirt fille taille 2 ans100Lot de 52019-09-26
2794Robe enfant40Taille 2 ans2019-09-26
2793Maillot de football30Bayern pour adulte2019-09-26
2792Maillot de basket + short70Pour ado2019-09-26
2790Patagonia200nice big backpack2019-09-25
2789Lv100Sandals slippers 2019-09-25
2788UGG Slippers58Grey ugg slippers with one wide strap2019-09-24
2787Jordan Infrared Retro 62502019-09-23
2786air force 1s150sneakers2019-09-16
2785patek phillipe400watch2019-09-14
2783phone cover+screen protector40iphone 102019-09-11
2782tailored mens fall trench coat440Burberry (w/o) label - costs more with label :)2019-09-11
2779Scarfs50louis vuitton2019-09-11
2778Micro memory card SD4064GB - most are fake and not more than 1GB. Try peeling off sticker of packaging that outlines memory capacity2019-09-11
2776Sunglasses100Ray Ban - Blaze Clubmaster Flat Lens 2019-09-11
2775tailored trousers1202019-09-11
2774tailored shirts1202019-09-11
2772Bag pack120Swiss Airflow2019-09-11
2769Cassio Watch100Rose gold/coppery colour; probably could have haggled more2019-09-06
2768Patty 7 retro 232019-09-05
2767Christian Dior250Tote bag2019-09-04
2761Yeelight180Led strip plus2019-08-27
2760Airpods150D&Z Studio2019-08-27
2759Christian dior250Tote bag2019-08-26
2757Diesel belt125Men belt, real leather, price started at 500 RMB2019-08-21
2756Jimmy Choo handbag210Brown leather, good quality, fake, price started at 1600 RMB2019-08-21
2755Phone Covers40iPhone 6s and 7plus (20 each)2019-08-19
2753Birkenstock200Real leather and suede. Started at 450 and I probably could have got them for less, but I really couldn\'t be bothered.2019-08-18
2751Supreme t-shirt552 for 110 total2019-08-12
2748Louis vuitton400Neverfull MM bag made from the same quality as real (no plastic)2019-08-07
2747Sneaker250Nike air max2019-08-04
2745Patagonia 60Tshirts (5 for 60 rmb each)2019-07-27
2738Running trainers300Size 412019-07-16
2737Iphone X200Buy for leave2019-07-15
2736Suitcase150Off white2019-07-10
2733 Bague150Super dry2019-06-28
2729Louis vuitton25Wallet2019-06-23
2728rimowa620black carry on suitcase2019-06-22
2727off white shirts1002019-06-22
2725daniel wellington 60fake leather band watch2019-06-22
2723off white150foodie2019-06-22
2721Tory Burch 100Crossbody bags 2019-06-20
2720gucci backpack105feels like nylon, black2019-06-19
2719IPhone X200IPhone X2019-06-16
2718Under armour men’s polo65Starting price 320rmb2019-06-15
2717Tommy Hilfiger Men’s polo65Standard top. Starting price was 2802019-06-15
2715Rolex Lady-Datejust5002019-06-11
2712Wireless charger car holder125C2 fast wireless charger car holder w/ automatic open&lock via sensor2019-06-04
2711AirPods (TWS i12 Version 5.0)120i12 in black or white with touch/tap function like the original (instead of push button)2019-06-04
2710Mammut Magic Guide High GTX Bo300Mammut Magic Guide High GTX Boot2019-06-02
2708Salvatore Ferragamo Mens Belt85Black Leather Belt2019-05-28
2707Louis Vuitton Wristlet80Purchased 5. Different Styles. Started at 900RMB2019-05-28
2706Adidas Ultraboost 3.0120White and Black. 120 Each2019-05-28
2705Supreme Tshirt40Basic Box Style shirt.2019-05-28
2704Patagonia Duffel/Backpack150Black Hole Duffel 40L and 60L. Comes with Backpack straps, but does not have the fold into small pouch ability. Decent quality. Zipper is not waterproof. They also have the 90L if you want a larger size. 2019-05-28
2703Louis Vuitton Men\'s Wallet40Purchased 10. All different models. I haggled for one first then told the seller i wanted 10, haggled even further. Started at 500RMB for one. Got to 50RMB for one and eventually gave me 10 for 400RMB.2019-05-28
2702Rolex Style Wall Clock160Submariner Style. Black. Started 1800RMB2019-05-28
2701Patagonia Backpack150Purchased One Black and One Grey. 300 for both2019-05-28
2700Louis Vuitton Passport Holder150Black/Grey Checkered. 2019-05-28
2699Lepin lego280House 2100 pcs2019-05-27
2698Wallet180Mulberry black leather men\'s wallet. Room for 9 cards.2019-05-26
2697Men\'s belts300Four no-hole leather belts (buckles Gucci, Hermes, Armani), 75RMB each2019-05-26
2692nike100Kids Shoes2019-05-22
2691Yeezy90Cream White; ALMOST AUTHENTIC2019-05-21
2689Adidas150Navy Campus2019-05-19
2688Herschel Backpack110Large Backpack2019-05-19
2684NFL Jersey100Cowboys - Elliot2019-05-11
2683Rimowa180Black Carry-On2019-05-11
2682Rolex180GMT Master2019-05-11
2681Supreme hoodie140White supreme hoodie2019-05-11
2679LV Wallet75White / Blue Checker2019-05-10
2678LV Purse150Speedy 302019-05-10
2675Air Jordan 5135First floor - 1402019-05-10
2674Bose QC35225Hostile negotiating, solid quality2019-05-10
2673chanel purse600large black tote with zipper2019-05-09
2672montblanc pens1204 montblanc pens, she start with 1800rmb2019-05-08
2671Bra set1002019-05-04
2669Fluffy phone case10Fluffy handy phonecase for aple xs2019-05-03
2666lululemon sports bra80lululemon sports bra2019-05-01
2665northface hooded jacket120northface hooded jacket2019-05-01
2664converse grey women75converse grey women2019-05-01
2659Air pods175D&Z studio air pod copies2019-04-30
2658Jordan v1180Mainly white with black and red retro2019-04-25
2657Adidas shoes60White with black stripes - superstar2019-04-25
2656Supreme hoodie80Grey (it was 70 or 80)2019-04-25
2655Stan Smith shoes150Real good quality - like real2019-04-25
2654Sunglasses50Rayban polarized sunglasses2019-04-25
2653Sliders50Black adidas sliders2019-04-25
2652Tag heuer350Mclaren 1974 careers watch2019-04-24
2651Skechers shoes100Lady\'s sneakers. With memory foam2019-04-23
2650Superdry Men T-Shirt50Top quality. Got various ones from different shops. Always got them for 50 each2019-04-23
2649Mulberry50Small Wallet with zipper2019-04-22
2648Mulbery bayswater600Best quality2019-04-22
2647Uggs150Shorter brown2019-04-22
2646Chanel bag5002019-04-15
2645Night lamp35Gravity sensing table lamp 2019-04-15
2644Digital clock30Wooden finish 2019-04-15
2642Rolex160Yacht master2019-04-12
2639adidas140ultra boost2019-03-30
2638Backpack100Color Changing sequins backpack2019-03-26
2637Cashmere Mens Long Coat300Mens Coat2019-03-26
2636Louis Vitton Backpack700Top Quality2019-03-26
2635Burberry Cashmere Scarf70Scarf2019-03-26
2634Suit incl vest1200Suit, 100% wool, 150 den, vest silk/cotton, tailor made. Could be also for less but I feel ok. 2019-03-25
2633Adidas Ultra boost1402019-03-25
2632Glasses16006 pair clear and sun, all with descr. Standard 150, with thin glass 250, sun gl 190 RMB2019-03-25
2631Moncler250Jacket 2019-03-23
2629Silk pijama dress + kimono1102019-03-21
2627Fendi 25Bag2019-03-13
2621Chanel bag5002019-03-10
2619Gucci Duffle200Gucci men’s duffle2019-03-10
2618Diesel shoes80Grey shoes decent quality2019-03-09
2617Belt no name35Brown and black2019-03-09
2616Big suitcase200Orange large2019-03-09
2615Converse Shoes70Converse Classic Shoes2019-03-08
2614New Balance Shoes100New Balance Shoes 2019-03-08
2613Android Tv box360Android Tv box2019-03-08
2612Light SunFire35Light SunFire DX-515 small USB charge2019-03-07
2611Case Iphone 7 plus silicon30Case Iphone 7 plus silicon white 2019-03-07
2609Breitling Bentley400Watch from hidden store 2019-03-04
2608Armani, Gucci, Hermes400Long Womens Dresses2019-03-04
2607LV100Sandal Flip Flops2019-03-04
2606Leppin 40(Lego) Small2019-03-04
2605Supreme & Champion150Hoodies / Sweaters2019-03-04
2604Calvin Klein10Boxer Shorts2019-03-04
2603Hermes200Bracelet Pink & Gold2019-03-04
2600iPhone120earpods i82019-03-04
2599Nike40Pink Girls Backpack2019-03-04
2598Swiss80Black Backpag Bag2019-03-04
2597Burberry40Scarf 2019-03-04
2595Nike220Bikes Sneakers2019-03-04
2593Gucci150Ladies Sneakers2019-03-04
2592Nike100Kids Shoes2019-03-04
2591Canada Goose550Full length Jacket2019-03-04
2590D&G, Diesel, Hermes150Mens Jeans2019-03-04
2589Ralph Lauren Polo70Girls Dress2019-03-04
2588Ralph Lauren Polo60Polo Shirts2019-03-04
2587Tommy Hilfiger40Tshirts Men2019-03-04
2586S Pink50Mens Business Shirts2019-03-04
2585D&G40Mens wallet2019-03-04
2584LV150Large Beach Handbag2019-03-04
2583iPhone10USB Cables2019-03-04
2582Hermes50Ladies Belt2019-03-04
2581D&G 200Mens Sportscoat2019-03-04
2579Iphone X1002019-03-03
2578Converse100Peach womens2019-03-02
2576Chanel handbags4602 handbags - Started at 60002019-02-24
25742552150Mont blanc2019-02-19
2573Iphone X1002019-02-17
2572iPhone X1002019-02-12
2571silk scarf100very large square, dragonflies2019-02-07
2570cashmere shawl180long, asymetrical2019-02-07
2569Goyard bag22525672019-02-07
2568Chanel Scarf & LV Scarf150Good quality, paid 150 for 22019-02-06
2566Canada Goose Jacket5502 long parkas - 550 each2019-02-06
2565Louis vuitton400Never full MM bag2019-02-05
2563Ugg 160Fur boots 2019-02-01
2562Gucci shades women x 31602019-02-01
2561Ugg 160Fur boots2019-01-31
2560Jimmy Choo150Purse2019-01-31
2558Mens Long Black Cashmere Coat300For wearing over suits2019-01-28
2557Mens Long Black Cashmere Coat300For wearing over suits2019-01-28
2556Gucci shades women x 31603 pairs of black Gucci Shades2019-01-28
2555Prada purse150Black with zip closer, very good copy2019-01-28
2554Louis Vuitton handbag, small300Two tone, Brown, with lock clasp2019-01-28
2553Gucci belts150One women, one man2019-01-28
2552Mont Blanc Pen sets, boxed150Two nice pen sets, started at RMB 6500, paid RMB 150 forthetwo2019-01-28
2551Mont Blanc black Wallet150Exactly like the one i spotted in the airport duty free2019-01-28
2550Two Louis Vuitton grey wallets250With full logo 2 x RMB1252019-01-28
2549Gucci wallet, brown150Very good quality, soft leather2019-01-28
2548Breitling Watches 600Two very smart Breitling watches 2x RMB 3002019-01-28
2547Louis vuitton backpack300Mens, grey, very good copy2019-01-28
2546Gucci backpack smart, very goo250Mid size, grey, great copy.2019-01-28
2545Prada Saffiano 250Black with Red interior, could only find one in the market, started at RMB 2500, paid RMB2502019-01-28
2544Rolex watch 200Submariner, started at RMB 2500 paid RMB2002019-01-28
2543Hermes Birkin Bag800Start Price was 55002019-01-26
2542Alexander McQueen scarf150black and white skulls design2019-01-26
2541Gucci belt110Womens belt, black leather2019-01-26
2540Chanel handbags4602 handbags - Started at 60002019-01-26
2539Lacoste polo 42Lacoste polo shirts... bought 20 for 42 rmb each2019-01-25
2538North face jacket100North face jacket with detachable hood2019-01-19
2537Hockey Jersey 130NHL hockey Jersey 2019-01-19
2533Louis Vuitton400Neverfull MM bag made from the same quality as real (no plastic)2019-01-03
2532Ugg’s190Ugg boots ll with scheep wool inside2019-01-03
2531Adidas Super Star100Adidas Super Star shoes with green stripes2019-01-03
2530Under Armour500Winter jacket filled with goose feather, real good quality2019-01-03
2529Carry-on Trolley170High quality cabin trolley with 4 double wheels and yellow brakes2019-01-03
2528Converse60High model black all stars2019-01-03
2525Ben220Canada Goose Down Jacket2018-12-24
2524Longchamp Le Pliage size L200Real leather, high quality, could probably have gone down another 20-40 but whatever2018-12-19
2523Converse100High quality, showed us the cheap imitation to compare2018-12-19
2521Triple White Ultraboost 3.0195Starting price 650, pretty close to a real pair. Boost is fake but comfy enough 2018-12-16
2515Gayard Satchel100Over the shoulder, hard price of 100, but so far has been great quality2018-12-10
2514Vera Bradley Weekender120Big bag, with tags, looks like the real thing for sure. Hard to bargain, 100 was the best I could do after searching many vendors. I thought 120 was a lot considering its not really a designer brand2018-12-07
2513Gayard Satchel100Over the shoulder, hard price of 100, but so far has been great quality2018-12-07
2512Goyard Wallet70Small coin change wallet2018-12-07
2511Kate Spade Purse100medium sized, good fake2018-12-07
2510Canada Goose500Navy long parka2018-12-05
2509Valentino Rockrunner Mens Shoe250Good quality, asked 680 first2018-12-02
2508Purse120Jimmy Choo (Bought 3 purses, 1 wallet for 420 rmb)2018-12-01
2507Bra58lululemon (Bought 2 shirts, 2 bras) for 230 rmb SEE BELOW2018-12-01
2506Nike shirt58Grey (Bought 2 shirts, 2 bras) for 230 rmb SEE BELOW2018-12-01
2505Lululemon shirt58Pink (Bought 2 shirts, 2 bras)2018-12-01
2504Red scarf35Cashmere2018-12-01
2502Glasses wirh prescription400Glasses and frane2018-11-30
2501Dodgers Jersey175With Dodgers Hat2018-11-23
2500Belt100Louis Vuitton2018-11-23
2499Sunglasses100Ray Bans2018-11-23
2496Black flats120Work shoes2018-11-21
2495Tailor Made Coat700Cashmere Winter Peacoat2018-11-21
2490Prada Gucci Versace sunglasses87Bought 4 for 87.5 each. Got tired of arguing for 75 2018-11-18
2489Rolex150Non-metal band2018-11-18
2488Gucci slides150Sandals2018-11-18
2487Diesel85Mens belt, started at 480 rmb2018-11-17
2486Michael kors120Crossbody bag, started at 850 rmb2018-11-17
2485Lululemon200Heavy sweatshirt2018-11-12
2484Adidas200Ultra boost2018-11-12
2482Samsung S8 silicon cover75Good quality, bought with screen protector 2018-11-10
2481LV scarf50Scarves, different colours (cashmere and wool)2018-11-07
2478Omega seamaster 100Watch2018-11-06
2475Hollister Hoodies150Good quality. Bought 3 for 4602018-11-03
2474North Face Soft Shell180Soft shell jacket. Waterproof (apparently). Good copy. Bought a kids one and men’s for 3602018-11-03
2473Michael Kors Purse140Grey/black long ladies purse. Good copy2018-11-03
2471Omega seamaster100Watch2018-11-02
2470Converse1853 pair2018-10-28
2469Burberry 200Trench 2018-10-21
2468Woolrich 300Parka 2018-10-21
2464Daniel Wellington watch 150Mens with silver metal band2018-10-08
2463Large Luggage300Purple, 8 wheels, good zipper 2018-10-08
2462Kate Spade small Cameron100Gray crossbody, slight imperfection on logo2018-10-08
2461Longschamp Medium Bag100Foldable, rosegold2018-10-08
2460D&G mens wallet60Black leather with money clip2018-10-08
2459Tory Burch small crossbody bag200Gray, ok quality, with good logo and zipper details2018-10-08
2457Ugg beanie 44winter hat with fur puff2018-10-08
2456Rayban sunglasses mens40Black, plasticky to the touch but very nice2018-10-08
2451Channel small crossbody bag300Black, good quality 2018-10-08
2450LV small crossbody300Short metal and long leather straps, good quality overall, but the logo plate had imperfection2018-10-08
2449Salomon III210Womens Hot Pink quick lace (bought 4 diff pairs from same vendor at 842)2018-10-08
2448Nike air running shoes2102017 air black (bought 4 diff pairs from same vendor at 842)2018-10-08
2447Uggs short with bows2102 bows, gray color (bought 4 diff pairs from same vendor at 842)2018-10-08
2446Uggs classic tall210Caramel tall uggs(bought 4 diff pairs of shoes at 842)2018-10-08
2445Canada Goose Parka jacket570Mens long green parka2018-10-08
2444omega seamaster100watch2018-10-05
2443Chanel Wallet300Classic flap2018-10-04
2442Canada goose jacket750Long women goose feather jacket, good quality. Probably can go lower2018-10-01
2441Lululemon womens tights100Women tights2018-10-01
2440Tory Burch400Flats2018-09-23
2438SuperDry Duffle Bag180Medium-sized duffle bag2018-09-18
2437T-shirts50Asked 150 to 220 each. Polo, under armor etc. don’t pay more than 50, they’d take 35 if you buy a couple. Tell them you already bought a few for that price and they haggle less.2018-09-16
2436Canada Goose jacket550Blue parker2018-09-15
2433T-shirts50Asked 150 to 220 each. Polo, under armor etc. don’t pay more than 50, they’d take 35 if you buy a couple. Tell them you already bought a few for that price and they haggle less. 2018-09-08
2432Rimowa carry on suitcase 220Asked 350. Could have gotten lower most likely. Black plastic alum trim w 4 wheels. 2018-09-08
2431Longchamp folded bag1504 medium2018-09-07
2430Shenhua watch 150Leather straps 2018-09-04
2428Software 15All2018-09-02
2427Michael Kors300Gray purse2018-08-30
2426Ray ban100Sunglasses2018-08-30
2425Ray ban100Sunglasses2018-08-28
2424LV Bagpack400Good Quality 2018-08-28
2423YSL Bag150Black and gold.2018-08-27
2422Gucci Shoulder Bag400Sylvie Mini Bag, with 2 straps and bow;could have gotten cheaper.2018-08-27
2421Handbag louis vuitton20Back pack handbag2018-08-17
2418LV Bagpack400Good quality2018-08-05
2417Gucci Slides1502018-08-05
2416JITO Luggage200Grey shell, medium-large size2018-08-05
2414LV Bag450Very good quality Starts from 14002018-07-29
2413Mi TV BOX330Newest Version 4C2018-07-29
2412Gorilla pod4020 cm2018-07-29
2411LV Purse150Good quality2018-07-29
2409LV Med Tote 350Started at 1,1002018-07-28
2408Patterned Socks20Some Chinese brand, but funky patterned dress socks.2018-07-28
2407Kate Spade Wallet50Nude. Good relationship with vendor, so good price.2018-07-28
2406Gucci purse80Small Crossbody Bag2018-07-28
2405Apple Watch Milanese Band90Probs could have gotten it for $3 cheaper but I didn’t feel like putting in the effort2018-07-28
2404Gucci Slippers150Someone below put 20, but that must be $20. I tried to get them for ¥20 and the shop vendors were shocked when I walked away from deals. Happened 4 times before I realized I was actually too low2018-07-28
2403Micheal Kors300Grey purse2018-07-28
2402Rimova laguage800XXL Aluminum 2018-07-25
2401marc jacobs270backpack2018-07-22
2395louis vitton200neverfull gm2018-07-11
2393Hermès Belt75Black and Grey reversible. Stared at 5502018-07-07
2392Jimmy Choo Purse280Black, pretty big. Probably could have gotten it for 150 if I had haggled harder. Live and you learn.2018-07-07
2391Chloe Drew Handbag450Brown suede 2018-07-06
2390Ray Ban40Sunglasses 2018-07-06
2389Sunglasses40Ray Ban2018-07-04
2388Adidas Shoes140Ultra Boost2018-07-04
2387Victoria Beckham lge handbag350Black large2018-07-01
2386LuggageTags10Novelty incl Batman,M&M2018-07-01
2385North Face Shell Jacket150Black Men\'s XL2018-07-01
2384Louis Vuitton Spiked Heels270Good quality; Beige; Shoe Bag2018-07-01
2383Lululemon 130Women\'s jacket 2018-06-25
2378Fred Perry Polo80Good quality 2018-06-22
2377branded socks 7rmb per pair7good quality, Diesel, boss, burberry, underarmor2018-06-14
2376handbag200Louis vitton2018-06-14
2373Converse+van’s2603 paires de converses (2 hautes 1 basse)+ une paire de van’s old skool 2018-06-12
2372Soccer Jersey1102018-06-11
2371Nike150Stan smith2018-06-09
2369Yeezys163Pink and black yeezys2018-06-07
2368Go Pro3002018-05-25
2367louis vitton100luggage2018-05-23
2365rolex watch1502018-05-21
2363Rolex watch400Oyster perpetural gray2018-05-16
2360North face soft shell jacket100good quality , hard haggling2018-05-08
2359Gucci 20Slippers 2018-05-08
2357Sunglasses800Prescription ray bans with eye test2018-05-05
2356Track suit bottoms2502 x name brand2018-05-05
2355T-shirts 360Name brand .. 6 shirts2018-05-05
2353Gucci20T shirt2018-05-03
2351Kate Spade Wallet200Bigger kind, dark blue2018-04-30
2350Tommy Hilfiger Cap40Grey, small Tommy Hilfiger logo 2018-04-30
23495 Silk Scarfs (40 each)200Light ones, different patterns2018-04-30
2347Apple Silicone phone case25iPhone 6, Turquoise2018-04-30
23462343100Ugg boots2018-04-25
2343Ugg boots, ladies100Grey , medium height size 72018-04-15
2342timberland boots 280high shoes, pink or black2018-04-15
2341sports shoes200asics crazy colour, nike air2018-04-15
2340Breitling Navitimer watch450good copy2018-04-15
2339LV bag200small, good copy2018-04-15
2338Gucci shoes150sneaker white good copy with bill2018-04-15
2337Screen protector Iphone 6/7202018-04-15
2336Eco shoes60Gray womens2018-04-15
2335Fruit tea60500g bag2018-04-15
2334Screen protectors for cell 90X3 installed2018-04-15
2333Luggage tags40Rubber character ones x42018-04-15
2332Superdry square backpack120Black2018-04-15
2331Converse60High top shoes2018-04-13
2330Converse 60High top shoes2018-04-10
2329Super Dry140Large dufflebag 2018-04-10
2328Jordan 11 shoes170Black and red style - good quality 2018-04-09
2327 2325Gucci crossbody300 Three of the same bag2018-04-09
23262325 Gucci crossbody300Three of the same bag2018-04-08
2325Gucci crossbody300Three of the same bag 2018-04-07
2324Supreme hoody140Black and navy stitched hoody2018-04-07
2323Yeti rambler low ball (8) 250& can holder (2)2018-04-07
2322Ugg40Fingerless gloves x22018-04-07
2321Silk robe90Two silk robes 2018-04-07
2320Nike 180Vapormax womens2018-04-07
2319Hermes Avalon Blanket100blanket2018-04-06
2318Yeti60Rambler low ball 2 for 602018-04-06
2317Oakley sunglasses & Prada avia3202 pairs Oakley & 1 Prada all polarized2018-04-06
2316Yeezy4502 pairs2018-04-06
2315Supreme hoody120White medium2018-04-06
2314Mulberry purse150Medium size2018-04-06
2313Bose 3002309 2018-04-05
2312Belt Hugo Boss50brown leather2018-04-04
2311progressive glasses500different lenses, difficult prescription includes eye test ready in 2 days2018-04-04
2310OTT TV box150haven\'t tried it yet2018-04-04
2309Bose headphones, over ear200noise cancelling best quality2018-04-04
2308Prescription sunglasses150pearl market BJ, ready in an hour2018-04-04
2307Anti Social Club hoody150white, pink or black2018-04-04
2306Under Armour polos100price for 22018-04-04
2305OTT TV box150hard haggling2018-04-04
2304Daniel Wellington watch150top quality in box with authenticity ?/ docs etc2018-04-04
2303North face soft shell jacket100good quality , hard haggling2018-04-04
2302CK underwear100mens or womens price for 5 pairs2018-04-04
2301adidas boost150good quality hard haggling but lowest always 1502018-04-04
2300louis vitton wallet150empreinte virtuose2018-04-03
2299Lv Wallet200Good quality. Bought 5 pcs. Added another 100 for a Goyard passport holder2018-04-03
2296Le Coq sportif pullover110Crewneck; Very warm 2018-04-01
2295Fred Perry Polo502018-04-01
2294Nike free1502018-04-01
2293Under Armour Sweetpants 120Good quality2018-04-01
2292Adidas Ultra Boost140Bought 2 pair for 2802018-04-01
2291Adidas Stan Smith1402018-04-01
2288Vans100Old skool fir men 2018-03-30
2286Louis vuiton 120Flat shoes..original is $9502018-03-30
2285Jimmy Choo PurseHighHigh quality, very soft, definitely fake2018-03-30
2284Chanel Bag50019902018-03-29
2282Reversible Umbrella 30Decent quality 2018-03-24
2281Jimmy Choo Purse100High quality, very soft, definitely fake 2018-03-24
2279North Face Feather Coat200New with tags, high quality 2018-03-24
2278Magnet152 Shanghai Magnets - 2 for 302018-03-24
2277Prescription Eye Glasses 1663 pairs of prescription eye glasses with exam for 5002018-03-24
2276Yeti rambler 75Looks authentic - came with warranty and instructions. Bought 2 for 1502018-03-24
2275Ugg Boots - Ladies150Black, size 9, high quality (check to make sure one is L and one is R)2018-03-24
2273Sneakers430Gucci.. with bee logo.. very good2018-03-24
2272Backpack 220Gucci...good replica waterproof 2018-03-24
2270Prada handbag250Very good quality2018-03-23
2269Adidas Ultra boost120Shoes2018-03-23
2268Sweater 120Supreme hoodie2018-03-21
2266Adidas NMB200NMB2018-03-21
2265scarves pack of 1210012 normal scarf 2018-03-20
2264rubber shanghai magnet5rubber around 3x2 in magnet2018-03-20
2263charcoal foot socks5charcoal foot socks black color2018-03-20
2262canada goose down jacket 200 low price at 200rmb each- very warm and good quality2018-03-20
2261ultraboost150very good quality fit and finishing2018-03-20
2258Squishy toys40Squihies most soft quality fix prices, but very reaonable. Shop D3-36 Shop Name Dr. Gadget Shanghai2018-03-08
2255IWC350Automatic watch - talked down from 22002018-03-04
2253Jacket450 Canada goose jacket2018-03-01
2252Canada goose jacket4502018-03-01
2250JORDAN150MEN SHOES2018-02-27
2248Rolex Watch400Oyster Perpetual Gray2018-02-25
2246Luis vitton supreme 200Leather 2018-02-24
2242Jacket450Canada Goose Jacket (3034)2018-02-11
2239Rolex Watch400Oyster Perpetual Gray2018-02-05
2233Yeezys150Pink and black yeezys, 150rmb each2018-01-26
2230Francisco120north face duffel campamento base2018-01-04
2227Books10English books (paperback)2017-12-27
2226Rimowa suitcase265The biggest size2017-12-12
2225LV Neo Noe bag200quite good quality, at least not the worst2017-12-12
2224Gucci velvet bag200Velvet bag in a bigger size2017-12-12
2219Book10english book2017-12-10
2205Wenger Saber220Medium size luggage2017-12-03
2203Wenger Faber carry on suitcase165Carry on suitcase2017-12-03
2180Polo Ralph Lauren50Hat2017-11-16
2179DW watch100DW watch and Shanghai USB Lighter2017-11-16
2178Patek Philippe Watch200talked down from 14002017-11-16
2136Fjallraven 50Smallest backpack2017-11-07
2132Moncler down jacket350Short down jacket without fur. Same price for Canada Goose jackets and Woolrich jackets2017-11-07
2131Columbia winter jacket99Windproof winter jacket with removable fleece jacket. This item was \"discounted\" by the seller and didn\'t need any bargaining.2017-11-07
2130LeSportsac big portable bag50shopping bag (big size)2017-11-07
2129Supreme backbag100Big backbag2017-11-07
2128Chinese zodiac ornaments10These small hanging usually red ornaments with zodiac animals, depending on the size 10-20rmb2017-11-07
2127Chanel leather ballerinas200Genuine leather ballerinas2017-11-07
2126Stella McCartney120Small handbag2017-11-07
2125Tourist magnets10If you buy only on you should pay max. 10rmb2017-11-07
2124Valentino high heels190Valentinos studded high heels2017-11-07
2123Valentino leather sneakers250White womens leather sneakers with studs2017-11-07
2122Gucci loafers250Women\'s leather gucci loafers2017-11-07
2121Kenzo college120Kenzos new college shirt model2017-11-07
2120Yeezys150Pink and black yeezys, 150rmb each2017-11-07
2117rayban wayfarer125superior quality, 99% to original2017-11-06
2116LV checkered bag250medium-high quality2017-11-06
2115burrbery wallet50black, medium quality2017-11-06
2114UGG boots120highest quality, brown, mid-high2017-11-06
2103Louis Vuitton330Med Cross body Damier Graphite 2017-11-04
2094LV duffle + Mulberry tote900Keepall Bandouliere 552017-09-16
2061Rolex220Green Oyster Perpetual Submariner2017-09-08
2060Louis Vuitton330Med Cross body Damier Graphite2017-09-08
2058Handbags850Large Jimmy Choo and large Mulberry (Initial asking price 2800)2017-09-07
2040Yeezys200Shoes 2017-08-29
2039Daniel Wellington Watch50Daniel Wellington watch with standart two colour wristband2017-08-29
2038Jimmy Choo Handbag150Handbag Jimmy Choo big one 2017-08-29
2037NBA Jerseys 70NBA Jerseys nice look real patched Numbers (Lebron Cavs, Kobe Lakers, Sahq Magic) price for each piece2017-08-29
2036Fidget Spinner20Metal Rainbow Fidgetspinner 2017-08-29
2021Umbrella50the good quality, the other ones are much more cheaper2017-08-23
2020Stella Mc Cartney350Small Handbag the good quality, they start with 1200 RMB2017-08-23
2019chinese dress120not the cheap quality (you will fell the diffrents)2017-08-23
2018Daniel Wellington25Watch2017-08-23
2017CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR20the new Design was 20, the old design was 102017-08-23
2007Kenzo Mens Tshirt80Black White Grey RMB 50-802017-08-11
2006Adidas Gazelle150Men's grey cream black2017-08-11
2005Gucci Trainers250White with Bee Logo 2017-08-11
2004Tailored Dress Shirt175Tailored XL dress shirt - top cotton material2017-08-06
2002Adidas NMD XR1150Black sport shoes with blue and red stripes at the bottom2017-08-01
2001Nike Free RN Flyknit150Grey/white sport shoes2017-08-01
2000Patek watch250Good quality men watch2017-07-26
1998Sandals100For women 2017-07-20
1996Pen15Mont blanc2017-07-17
1994Chloe Bag200Went down from 1200. Walk away price. I think he swapped the bag for a lower quality one. 2017-07-04
1993Gucci Sneakers300Could have gone for 250 as well. Real leather, good quality. Starting price 1850 RMB2017-07-04
1990Chanel Bag5002017-07-02
1989Backpack 100Herschel2017-06-28
1988Sunglasses 50Ray-Ban wayfarer2017-06-28
1987Celine, Gucci, bottega veneta100Bags2017-06-25
1986Polo Abercrombie70Navy blue, good quality. Sci&Tech Fake market. Shop number C1-222017-06-24
1985Reverse umbrella 30Umbrella 2017-06-21
1984Vans old skool 120Shoes2017-06-21
1983Celine, Gucci, bottega veneta100Bags 2017-06-21
1982Daniel Wellington 25Watch 2017-06-21
1980Polo Ralph Laurent 65Shirt 2017-06-21
1979Polo Ralph Lauren 40Polo 2017-06-21
1978Supreme t shirt252017-06-21
1977Adidas adilette502017-06-21
1976Air Jordan 4 total black150Shoes (I think you can pay 130 also)2017-06-21
1975Ray ban40Sunglasses2017-06-21
1974Glass protection 5For samsung s62017-06-08
1973yeezy various180white, swoosh each2017-06-06
1972silk ties 40hermes / gucci / Ferragamo2017-06-06
1970Headphones Bose QC-25500Noice cancelling2017-06-05
1969Louis Vuitton Duffle Bag250good condition starting price 18002017-06-05
1968Swarovski watch100Av quality with many cristals inside. Starting pr 3502017-06-02
1967Patek watch250Good quality men watch2017-06-02
1966T shirt70Abercrombie t. Nice quality2017-06-02
1964Beats Studio Headphones80Standard Beats wired headphones - no Bluetooth or wireless. Decent sound quality. 2017-05-21
1963Louis Vuitton 50Backpack 2017-05-19
1962yeezy120adidas 2017-05-18
1961backpack 100swiss gear2017-05-17
1957Louis Vitton Purse small300Small purse with leather handle and strap. Fold over with clasp. Good quality with cloth bag. Walk away price.2017-05-14
1956RL Polo shirts V-neck50Bought 2 shirts. Price is for each shirt2017-05-14
1955Underarmor tank top402 Compression fit shirts price is for each shirt2017-05-14
1953Addias sam smith117Tennis shoes2017-05-14
1951Yeezys V2150Breds2017-05-12
1949Chanel purse150white leather purse2017-05-11
1947Bose Soundlike Mini100Speaker2017-05-07
1941Belt 65Diesel 2017-04-30
1939Tea set460Tea set2017-04-23
1938Lady bag1500Prada2017-04-16
1937lululemon200zippered top2017-04-14
1935Momchil Ivanov10Ralph louren2017-04-09
193221800 power bank200external power bank charger with iphone cable and 2x android cables2017-04-08
1931MONT BLANC100PEN2017-04-07
1930nike 50shoes2017-04-06
1929Nike roshe100Sports shoes2017-04-06
1923Adidas Gazelle150Color Peach2017-03-12
1922Iwatch bands1300Straps2017-03-08
1921antigona350highest quality2017-02-27
1920YEEZY250GRADE ORI2017-02-27
1915Custom tailored jeans200Hundreds of fabrics to choose from - south buns fabric market stall 3402017-02-22
1914rolex milgauss3002017-02-20
1913Baby uggs50Shoes (6-12 months)2017-02-18
1912Michael Kors50Ladies watch2017-02-18
1911shoes200first copy2017-02-11
1910Michael kors80Handbag2017-01-15
1906jacket Jack Wolfskin3002 piece jacket, Goretex2017-01-04
1905Nike running 1202017 model, black and white2017-01-04
1904UGG boots120new version with botton2017-01-04
1903Blue tooth headphones100Beats logo2017-01-03
1901UGG fingerless glove15Leather 2016-12-17
1900Ugg finger gloves30Leather2016-12-17
1899Hermes silk scarf70Higher end .lower end 352016-12-17
1898Bamboo scarf20Higher end. Lower end 10rmb2016-12-17
1897Louis vuitton 750Large newer handbag 2016-12-17
1896Italian cashmere scarf7oLarge high quality 2016-12-17
1894Top quality custom dress shirt70South Bund Fabric Market - dress shirts custom made2016-11-19
1893Ultra Light Down Jacket.90Good quality, very warm, jacket. Very similar to Uniqlo version. Start price 300-400. Final price after walking away 90.2016-11-05
1892Purse LV 20Purse 2016-11-04
1891Rimowa Topas Titanium 32l1000Like original with Rimowa Branding2016-11-02
1888Parajumpers Jacket lightweight350Very good quality from Nanjing 5802016-11-02
1887omega300007 colllectable edition2016-10-31
1886Feilun Drone Hexacopter770Feilun Hexacopter FX120 inclusive camera and wifi, 20% cheaper than in UK.2016-10-29
1885north face jacket200softshell jacket2016-10-25
1884Nike T-Shirt30T-Shirt blue2016-10-23
1883Bose QC 35990Bose Bluetooth/Wireless Headphone2016-10-23
1882Bose Speaker K3190Bose bluetooth speaker2016-10-23
1881Coco retro phone80Retro Phone plug in audio jack of cellphone2016-10-23
1880Super-F Drone140Unmanned Drone black, no camera2016-10-23
1879stella mccartney120black 2016-10-22
1878Flavored Teas 100g X 5100Flavored teas 500g for 100 rmb. Initial quote was 80 rmb for 100g2016-10-22
1877Ladies Leather Boots150Good quality ladies leather boots to ankle. Some quoted 550. Got for 1502016-10-22
1876Armani Wallet60Counterfeit Armani wallet. Started 200 rmb2016-10-22
1875Armani Leather Belt100Counterfeit Armani Leather Belt. Started 350 rmb. Could have got for lesser.2016-10-22
1872CK ladies watch100Fake CK ladies watch. Seems I paid more than the actual price. Started from 350 rmb2016-10-22
1870Powerbank Solar230Solar powerbank 20000mAh with torch and compas2016-10-18
1869Michael Kors80Handbag2016-10-16
1868Bose K8 speaker180Bluetooth Speaker2016-10-16
1867Bluetooth Transmitter110Multi-Point Bluetooth transmitter2016-10-13
1866Chopsticks60Traditional chinese chopsticks 2 pairs2016-10-13
1865Hexacopter400Hexacopter Drone FX120C1 without Camera2016-10-13
1864Headphone 600Sodo MH4 2016-10-13
1863panerai 600watch2016-10-09
1861iPhone 7 Tempered Glass20Tempered Glass for iPhone 72016-10-04
1860Urbeats100Urbeats black, good sound quality and affordable bought also at shop D3-36. Price start at 150 RMB, End Price 100RMB2016-10-03
1859Beats solo2 wireless500Beats solo2 wireless headphones, rosegold. Start at 800rmb endprice 500. Compare to other shops the shop no. D3-36 sell high quality fake earphones for reasonable prices.2016-10-03
1858iPhone 7 TPU Case35iPhone 7 TPU Case transparent, good quality2016-10-03
1857Airplane Earphone Adapter203.5mm Jack Airplane Ear Headphones Adapter2016-10-03
1856Louis Vuitton 200Bag purse 2016-09-25
1855Adidas100Jeezy Shoes2016-09-24
1854Michael Kors200 Ladies handbag2016-09-23
1850Vans shoes80Vans authentic2016-09-18
1849DVD Movies7New Hollywood releases2016-09-17
1848scarpe vans80vans autentico2016-09-16
1847Vans shoes80Vans authentic 2016-09-11
1846Converse Sneakers65130 RMB for two pairs of converse sneakers2016-09-08
1845Suitcase 140Rimowa 2016-09-03
1844mulberry ladies wallet30silver tree on front2016-09-03
1843Belt40Hermes "h" belt2016-09-01
1842belt40Hermes "H" Belt2016-08-31
1836Louis Vuitton rucksack750Rucksack; very good quality (possibly could've gotten it for a little less)2016-08-15
1835Louis Vuitton1000Backpack2016-08-07
1834Glass protection15Iphone 62016-08-05
1833Silk scarf15Hermes2016-08-05
1832Big pochette 120Goyard Paris2016-08-05
1831Tea bottle in glass602016-08-05
1830Wallet (Michael Kors)60Jet Set model, good quality but the replica is not perfect (letters should be smaller on the "zipper")2016-08-05
1829Bag (pochette)500Chloé; good quality(but I paid too much some store propose it at 300/500RMB)2016-08-05
1827Adidas Stan Smith200Sneakers (EU 43)2016-08-03
1826Adidas Yeezy (EU 43)200Shoes2016-08-03
1825superstar2600adidas duplicate shoes2016-08-02
1824Backpacks701Lima 2016-08-01
1823bag100women bag2016-07-28
1822Green tea50green tea2016-07-28
1821Louis Vuitton 1000Backpack2016-07-27
1820apple5000iphone 6s2016-07-27
1817yeezy boost5000very good quality hard to distingquish2016-07-26
1816Jimmy Choo Backpack/Duffel Bag200Convertable. Nice quality2016-07-26
1815Jimmy Choo Backpack220Nice quality2016-07-26
1814Michael Kors Bag120Big 2016-07-25
1813StellaMcCartney Bag120Small one with chain2016-07-25
1812High top Converse80Very good quality from AP Plaza. Definitely could go for less. AP plaza2016-07-24
1811Small Kanken Bag65Similar quality to other stores in AP Plaza. Definitely could go for less2016-07-24
1810Cath Kidston Passport Holder35Price for each. Bought 2. Might have overpaid but I'm an amateur2016-07-24
1809Fridge Magnets35Price for all 6 pieces of porcelain vase magnets2016-07-24
1808Michael Kors Bag6002016-07-24
1807Watch400Hublot Classic Fusion automatic2016-07-24
1806Nike Roshe Black&white120Sneakers2016-07-23
1805Rolex200Yachtmaster II, stainless steel2016-07-22
1804Louis Vuitton70men's belt2016-07-21
1802 Beats Studio Wireless13517872016-07-21
1801Mont blanc45017942016-07-19
1800new balance Shoes90Shoes - Start 3502016-07-11
1799tag heuer500tag heuer 2016-07-11
1797Michael Kors200Ladies handbag2016-07-09
1796beats70beats mini 503 bluetooth 2016-07-09
1795beats40ur beats wireless2016-07-09
1794Mont blanc450Men's wallets - bought 32016-07-09
1793Earphones135Beats Studio Wireless2016-07-08
1792ray ban40wayfarer2016-07-05
1791dvd77 each2016-07-02
1790oakley polarized sunglasses302016-07-02
1789Go Pro Knock-Off190Wi-Fi version 1080 not 5k2016-07-02
1788Light Bulb Speaker80light bulb that has internal speaker and multi-light function2016-07-02
1787Beats Studio Wireless135Wireless studio beats2016-07-02
17853 prada mini clutch bags300S&T2016-06-28
1782Bose K3 speaker100Bluetooth Speaker2016-06-26
1781Stan smith adidas140Shoes, classic stan smith2016-06-25
1780Baofeng BF888S Two-Way Radio702016-06-16
1779Louis Vitton Purse2002016-06-14
1778Quadcopter90bought 3 pcs. for 270 RMB, without camera - large size2016-06-12
1777Belt55Hermes Leather Belt2016-06-12
1776Bag250Prada - blue - large, good quality2016-06-12
1775Bag250Louis Vuitton - large - good quality2016-06-12
1773New Balance Shoes80Male, good quality (European size: 43)2016-06-05
1772Adidas Shoes120Yeezy, male (European size: 43)2016-06-05
1771Michael Kors Wallet70Jet Set Travel, pink - good quality2016-06-05
1770Michael Kors Bag100Small bag (pochette), beige2016-06-05
1769New Balance Shoes80Female2016-06-04
1767Michael Kors Wallet802016-05-30
1766Ray-ban sunglass with myopa 300Rayban with view correction (myopa) and eyes test 2016-05-28
1764Stone tea set, 6 cups702016-05-21
1763Small stone tea set, 4 cups402016-05-21
1762Michael Kors purse60black fabric2016-05-21
1761Nike shoes1152016-05-21
1760Adidas125Stan Smith2016-05-20
1759Christian dior500Handbag 2016-05-20
1758North face hiking backpack 60L150electron model2016-05-18
1755tab600 tablet2016-05-16
1754North face hiking backpack 60L150electron model2016-05-16
1753Nike shoes1502016-05-16
1751YSL Bag 100Bag average quality 2016-05-16
1750Adidas Yeesy Kids100kids adidas2016-05-16
1749Adidas Yeesy Kids100 kids adidas2016-05-16
1748Jacket North Face150Women North Face jacket2016-05-16
1747Football jersey70Real Madrid2016-05-11
1746T-shirt50North Face2016-05-11
17434 cashmere scarves150plaid pattern2016-05-07
1739Gucci Wallet8502016-05-04
1736Tommy Hilfiger shirts7070 rmb each . Watch , ray ban , bags ,suitcase they have still made profit. So please don't pay more than 15 percent of what they quote . Source science and tech market 2016-04-30
1735Swiss army backpack75Black Swiss army backpack final price 752016-04-30
1734Rayban aviator25Ray ban 2 aviators 25 each with case 2016-04-30
1733Tag heur Carrera watch175Was hard to believe but true 1 metal strap . 1 leather strap . After roaming in front of the shop for long . 350 for both initially quoted 4000 rmb for both . 2016-04-30
1732Jimmy choo Mk handbag big125Big handbag leather Jimmy choo and MK FOR 125 each after long bargain2016-04-30
1726Wallet250LV black real leather2016-04-20
1725Sneakers120Nike Roshe Black&white2016-04-20
1724north face backpack 40l80backpack 40l2016-04-15
1721Watch350Rolex Man2016-04-09
1720Rolex1200Submarina 2016-04-09
1719hermes duo wallet orange2200wallet2016-04-08
1717north face250jacket2016-04-03
1716rolex 1200sumarina 2016-04-03
1715Silever diamond watch & Gold$560Gold watch with soft surrounding and X11 and V1 bottom and top 2016-04-02
1714lulu lemon 180sports bra and workout shorts2016-03-26
1713victoria cross backpack120black 3 compartments2016-03-26
1712Mulberry 2800Bag2016-03-24
1711Bose QC-25 400noise cancellation head set2016-03-24
1710Nike Free Run 3120Black/white women's sneakers2016-03-21
1708Headphone70Beats Wireless 2 Waterproof2016-03-21
1707Watch350Rolex Man2016-03-21
1706sun glass20OAKLEY2016-03-21
1705Swiss army backpack100Large size Swiss army backback2016-03-20
1703action cam500cam2016-03-16
1700Shot Glasses - Art503 Shot Glasses with Box2016-03-09
1699Oakley Prescription Sports Set200Prescription with 5 color inserts2016-03-09
1698Lyan200Louis vuiton 2016-03-08
1697nike300sports shoes2016-03-07
1694North Face backback8040L Electron2016-03-02
1692Beats in ear40NOT urBeats - 2016-02-29
1691Big Suitecase150HArd case2016-02-29
1690Sports JEresey100Any Team2016-02-29
1689UGGS with Ribbons1002016-02-29
1688Biking Set200any size2016-02-29
1687Uggs no ribbon80Short or long 2016-02-29
1686Super Dry Men Hoodie90Men .. women (-5) 2016-02-29
1684Mens/women Jeans soft fabric120Lucky 7 true Religion....2016-02-29
1683Leather Belt80Boss , LV, Gucci, ....2016-02-29
1682Omega300007 Collectable edition2016-02-29
1681Rolx175Explorer 22016-02-29
1680Gucci men Wallet50Leather Business Card Holder2016-02-29
1679LV Mens Wallet60Leather2016-02-29
1678LV Men wallet50Leather Business cards wallet2016-02-29
1677Gucci Men wallet500Leather Business cards wallet2016-02-29
1676Gucci Soho Hand bag225Leather2016-02-29
1675UrBeats60beats in ear 2016-02-29
1674adidas cushion 932002016-02-28
1673Michael Kors purse100Purses2016-02-19
1672Michael Kors watch 200Watches2016-02-19
1671Michael Kors100Purse2016-02-15
1670mk purse302016-02-10
1665nike max air400backpack2016-01-30
1664All Stars60High top2016-01-30
1663All Stars low top602016-01-30
1662Michael Kors large bag150At end of night lady said everything in store was 150, we did notice different quality of the bags at different stores so check your bags. Feel how heavy the metal MK sign is.2016-01-30
1661Adidas yeezy 350150All colors, make sure you check over the whole shoe. The iwords on the inside of one pair was misprinted.2016-01-30
1660Stella McCartney purse250Large gray purse with heavy chains. Look at quality some stores are better2016-01-30
1657flash drive(price for 10 pices2502TB 2016-01-26
1656beats100wireless earphone2016-01-26
1654under armour300coat2016-01-25
1648Mammut hoodie3202016-01-20
1647Perfect replica280Hand bag channel2016-01-19
1646HAND BAG CHANNEL280Perfect replica2016-01-19
1645Tag10Suitcase name tag2016-01-18
1644All stars50Children size2016-01-18
1643Swiss army130Plane size cauitcase2016-01-18
1642Beat by dr.Dre40Ear headphones2016-01-18
1641Michael Kors 100Bag2016-01-18
1640K3180bluetooth speaker, good quality2016-01-17
1639SuperDry300Fuji Double Zip2016-01-17
1637Converses180shoe 2016-01-16
1635rolex submariner4002015-12-24
1634Guantes Ugg1003 pares (x3)2015-12-23
1633Reloj Dw60Woman2015-12-23
1632Salomon GTX Active 1802015-12-23
1631rolex submariner4002015-12-21
1628Handbag Michael Kros1502015-12-20
1627Backpack swissgear1502015-12-20
1626Handbag chanel280Perfect replica2015-12-19
1625Parajumpers Mens Coat400Super lightweight mens down coat2015-12-19
1624tag heuer link watch200tag heuer link watch2015-12-19
1622Converse sneakers65130 RMB for two pairs of converse low sneakers2015-12-13
1619Nike and converse sneakers200Price for both, Nike 5.0 runs in black and white converse low sneakers2015-12-11
1618Leather belts and gloves1651 leather Mont Blanc doublesided belt, 1 Ferragamo leather unisex belt, 1 pair of leather ladies gloves, prices are better when you buy more items2015-12-11
1617Saint Laurent wallet on chain 190Black leather bag, interior doesn't match the original, all shops have the same quality, lowest is around 200 RMB2015-12-11
1616Chanel espadrilles100Pink/black leather espadrilles, after some wearing not very comfy2015-12-11
1615Nike Thea shoes140Black sneakers2015-12-11
1614Cashmere scarf35100% "Mongolian cashmere" scarves, different colours, rather big2015-12-11
1613lu lu lemon75yoga pants2015-12-06
1611Logines Watch250La Grande Classique2015-12-05
1610canado goode35016082015-12-04
1609Canada goose400for man2015-12-03
1608Canada Goose350for woman2015-12-03
1607Adidas Yeezy Boost 35015015892015-11-30
1606Breitling Navitimer600Black face, Quartz, rubber strap2015-11-29
1605IWC Topgun Watch740High quality quartz2015-11-29
1604Beats Pill XL speaker200Beats Pill XL speaker2015-11-29
1602Columbia ski pants350From science museum market. They started at 900 for 2. Paid 350 for 22015-11-28
1601Sunglasses50One rayban one Oakley. Good quality. Price per each2015-11-28
1600Beats 4.0 gold edition100Wireless. Drove a hard bargain, even walked away. Then she accepted. At science & tech market2015-11-28
1599woolrich parka1002015-11-27
1598North Face backpack10060 litres, black, starting price 7502015-11-25
1597under armour40running leggings for men2015-11-25
1596Ralph Lauren Sweater50Dark blue with half zipper2015-11-25
1595Kenzo T-Shirt60Tiger or other motives2015-11-25
1594Daniel Wellington Watch30brown or black leather band2015-11-25
1593Beats Earphones60Wireless 2 red color2015-11-25
1592Nike Roshe Run70green/ white2015-11-25
1591Givenchy Sweater150black with flower design2015-11-25
1590G-Shock plastic watch60army green2015-11-25
1589Adidas Yeezy 350 150Pirate Black 1on1 look2015-11-25
1588Running legging under armour70Legging for running2015-11-25
1587Hoodie superdry70Hoodie no zipper2015-11-25
1586Hoodie abercrombie fitch70Hoodie no zipper2015-11-25
1585Fjall raven backpack100Backpack2015-11-25
1584Abercrombie & Fitch bag65Tote bag green2015-11-23
1583Nike airmax 90150Shoes2015-11-13
1582Nike airmax 90150Shoes2015-11-13
1581Scotch & Soda Shirt100Good Quality2015-11-03
1580Parka/Jacket400Canada Goose down jacket West Nanjing Lu Fake Market2015-11-03
1579SWISS 1001 BAGPACK2015-10-28
1578mens belt60diesel brand 2015-10-27
1577nike 180flyknit blue2015-10-27
1576north face ruck sack 3001 red 1 green 2015-10-27
1575Nike Roshe100Navy Blue2015-10-24
1573dikie155dicks 2015-10-19
1572nike air max 90150shoes2015-10-19
1571Nike roshe plazo18015572015-10-19
15691562300Dior purse2015-10-18
1568iphone 6s5000mobile2015-10-18
1567Woman's tailored coat500Cashmere w/lining2015-10-17
1566Man's tailored dress shirt120Cotton2015-10-17
1565Man's tailored suit800Fine wool2015-10-17
1564Jade necklace & earings160Small, sterling silver2015-10-17
1563Dr Dre Beats100Studio w/iPhone cable 2015-10-17
1562Dior purse300Med size, leather2015-10-17
1560Patek Phillipe Nautilaus600Very good quality, Good movement2015-10-11
15594 T Shirts120HRC / Harley Shanghai2015-10-08
1558Rolex Daytona 280Automatic / Steel2015-10-08
1557Nike roshe run180Roshe Run Triple Black2015-10-08
1556Nike Janoski140Blue Janoski 2015-10-08
1555Dr Martens Core 939 Brown Hiki100doc marten boots2015-10-08
1554Lulu Lemon Mens Shirt852 shirts for 85 RMB each2015-10-08
1553Opera Mask Bottle Opener200bought 11 for 200 RMB total2015-10-08
1552Kenzo jumper250Pearl market2015-10-05
1551Rolex150Good quality2015-10-05
1550Mont Blanc 2x BallPen802x in one BOX Silver/Gold2015-10-05
1549Louis vuitton550S&T Market2015-10-05
1548Rolex150good Quality2015-10-05
1547Louis vuitton rucksack50Rucksack2015-09-30
1546Daniel Wellington Watch50With leather band2015-09-30
1545Action Camera HD3804K with Wifi2015-09-30
1544Large luggage200Hard shell black2015-09-30
1543Carry on luggage hard shell120Grey 2015-09-30
1542IWC Watch Automative350Leather band good quality2015-09-30
1541Nike Roshe120Blue with white sole2015-09-30
1540TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887520Perfect Replica2015-09-29
1539prada bag blue300Perfekt replicat2015-09-24
1538Bets by Dr, 503 running heaDPH120wireless2015-09-20
1537Kate Spade striped tote30Nylon shell book bag/beach2015-09-19
1536hard shell luggage180large hard shell "swiss" brand luggage with option to extend 4 wheels and lock2015-09-17
1534RC Helicopter80the one that comes in hard shell case most comon size2015-09-16
1533a&f sweatshirt45kids long sleeve a&f sweatshit I bought 2 for 90rmb2015-09-16
1532rc car35micro rc car the one that comes in like a soda/beer can I bought 42015-09-16
1531Abercrombie & F. Underwear50Good quality cotton, colorful2015-09-15
1530Hollister T-shirts50Good quality cotton T-shirts2015-09-15
1529Abercrombie & F. T-shirt50Good quality cotton T-shirts2015-09-15
1528Abercrombie & F. Pants80Short pants, bought 2, price/item2015-09-15
1527Hidden Socks5Bought 4, price per item2015-09-15
1526Vans Shoes80Normal color2015-09-15
1525Converse Shoes70Special patterns2015-09-15
1524Converse Shoes60Normal style colors2015-09-15
1523Longines Watch250La Grande Classique2015-09-15
1522Powerbeats 2 Wireless120Sports in-ear phones2015-09-15
1521Beats Studio Wireless185That's the lower price you can get them2015-09-15
1520beats pill xl120I bought 2 beats pills xl he sold it for 120 each2015-09-12
1519hollister kids hoodie80dark blue hollister kids hoodie. after deal lady said she buys it for 5 rmb2015-09-12
1518gshock kids mario watch70blue and red gshock kids mario watch. complete junk not worth 10. does not even set propper time2015-09-12
1517columbia kids jacket130black columbia kids double shell winter jacket. lady said her cost is 150 in beginning but sold it to me for 130 lol2015-09-12
1516Green laser50With key, and box2015-09-12
1515omega 07350blue2015-09-07
1514lasers100big one with key2015-09-06
1512moncler polo1002015-09-06
1511prada bag blue300perfect replica 2015-09-06
1510canada goose jackey300perfect replica 2015-09-06
1509Moncler Raincoat200Pearl Market2015-09-06
1508Kenzo Jumper200Pearl Market2015-09-06
1507Toms Plimsoles14S&T Market2015-09-06
1506Nike Trainers (S&T)14turquoise Roche Run 2015-09-06
1505Michael Kors400Bolso2015-09-06
1504canadian goose jacket350Janaur 2015 im S&T Market, gute Qualiät2015-09-06
1503Jade Ohringe - Kleine Kugeln30S&T Market, wunderschön2015-09-06
1502Rosetta Stone40DVD chinesisch2015-09-06
1501Rucksack Leder ohne Marke100sehr gutes Leder, sehr gute Qaulität, S&T Market2015-09-06
1500Drohne mit Kamera, Syma X5C250S&T Market2015-09-06
1499fjällräven kanken Rucksack120Rucksack - S&T Market2015-09-06
1498Caps25New Era2015-09-06
1497Watch250Rolex Daytona, very good quality2015-09-04
1496Michael kors400handbag2015-09-01
1495HD 3to100hard disk Samsung 3TO-580 markets Nanjing road2015-08-31
1494beats pill XL330beats pill XL. great sound and quality-580 markets nanjingroad2015-08-31
1493Prada handbag300Good quality. Bought 3 at this price2015-08-31
1492Marc Jacobs watch100OK quality, large face and leather strap2015-08-29
1491Cartier watch300Rose Gold, blue hands, very good fake from hidden cupboard2015-08-29
1490Laptop bag300Real leather very good quality but no brand2015-08-29
1489sports shooes200sport2015-08-26
1488Bag Vuiton500Good quality2015-08-26
1487iphone 6500fake 2015-08-24
1485Watch20his gold is good for looking at time2015-08-19
1484Mont Blanc Wallet40Fake Leather and low quality. However, it is cheap. 2015-08-16
1483kingston 1tb usb drive80usb drive2015-08-12
1482Bose mini speaker50Works ok but not as deep as real ones2015-08-09
1480Dockst 100Falke2015-08-07
1479air jordan retro 5s50blue black 2015-08-05
1478Beats Studio120Headphones. Non-wireless. - 580 Market, NanjingRoad2015-08-02
1477DVD10Box sets: per disc - 580 Market, Nanjing Rd2015-08-02
1476Bose fake100Soundlink2015-07-31
1474Rado300ladies watch2015-07-29
1473Cap20No brand cap2015-07-28
1472Ray Ban sunglasses15Usual sunglasses, pink2015-07-28
14712 Nike Roshe130All white with black tick2015-07-14
1470Tag Heuer Watch350High quality automatic watch - behind doors in han city2015-07-14
14692 Omega watch7002 high quality omega watches. From a (back room dude in han city market)2015-07-12
1468Tea set55green glazed clay teapot2015-07-08
1467iphone 6 fake500phone call not working. Not enough memory2015-07-08
1466iphone 6500fake 2015-07-08
1465Ugg slippers1604 pairs of Ugg slippers, very nice and soft2015-07-07
1464Bobbi Brown make up brush set60real hair brushes2015-07-07
1463Mac make up40Mac foundation and Mac finishing powder2015-07-07
1462Beats bluetooth headphone1202015-07-07
1461Jimmy Choo bag100nice quality shoulderbag2015-07-07
1460Mulberry bag200Real good quality real leather handbag2015-07-07
1459Beats earbuds50Great quality, I couldn't hear the difference from the real thing.2015-07-04
1457LV Long Wallet150Extremely good quality. Was hard to bring it down to this price.2015-07-01
1456Watch120Rolex Daytona Series (specifics unknown)2015-06-30
1454Beats by Dr. Dre120Beatbox Monster bluetooth speaker2015-06-29
1452Watch500Rolex Milgauss2015-06-21
1449Omega speedmaster325whatch2015-06-14
1448michaelkors small bag195han city. 3 floor. start price 8002015-06-13
1446I love shanghai shirts25good quality2015-06-13
1445Chinese umbrella20cannot be used outside but pretty. started with 80 rmb each. and gave 4 for 80 rmb2015-06-13
1443peak performance160mens xl2015-06-12
1442Converse60ladies/kids size2015-06-12
1441ralph lauren shirt60mens xl2015-06-12
1440gant t shirt30mens xl2015-06-12
1439Pen drive102015-06-11
1438Gerhard150Bose smart 1+1 speacker2015-06-11
1436Sunglasses20500p. 2015-06-05
1435northface jacket150northface jacket2015-05-31
1434usb130kingston 1tb not working at all2015-05-30
1431Gucci sunglasses polarized55Sunglasses2015-05-22
1430Burberry Sarves100Price are for two, at S&T market, fine quality started at 880 RMB2015-05-20
14292 Rolex850Han Market2015-05-19
1426Michael kors Purse150Black fabric2015-05-15
1425Tripod150Really strong and good quality tripod. Completely deployed it is 1,60mts tall2015-05-15
1424Bose smart 1+1 speacker200Bose bluethoot speacker. Good and lounpd sound. Coudn't find any price more. But i think that i overpayed at least 50rmb2015-05-15
1423Michael kors Purse 150Black fabric2015-05-14
14221295150Michael Kors Purse 1502015-05-14
14211295 150Michael Kors Purse 150 Black Fabric.2015-05-14
1420ray ban sunglasses3713862015-05-14
1418UHF GMRS Walkie Talkies - Pair2205watt, similar to Baofeng, 16 channel with voice2015-05-12
1417Bell & Ross watch800Higher quality w/stopwatch2015-05-12
1416usb key502to started 220 rmb2015-05-10
1415rosetta stone English20all levels stated 200 Rmb2015-05-10
1412dr martens18913652015-05-04
1411dr martens150replica2015-05-04
1408U+ Watch200Apple Watch Fake only supports Android!2015-04-30
1407Bluetooth speaker50bose fake2015-04-28
1406Bluetooth speaker502015-04-28
1405Bose QC15360great quality, dark blue color2015-04-27
1404Nike Roshe Run170Black trainers2015-04-25
140310 x Diesel underpants130S&T Market2015-04-22
1402Uggs + 3 pairs trainers500S&T Market2015-04-22
1401Mulberry Wallet50S&T market2015-04-22
1400Paul Smith Wallet50S&T Market2015-04-22
1397travel bags502015-04-19
1394IWC Fliegeruhr, gross150Science & Tech Fake Market2015-04-09
13921391150Chanel watch 2015-04-06
1391Chanel watch150Science & Tech Fake Market2015-04-04
1390Chanel, LV, Dior Scarf40Science & Tech Fake Market2015-04-04
1389Mont Blanc Pen25Science & Tech Fake Market2015-04-04
1387Longchamp Bag30This is the large one but not the biggest. started at 230RBM 2015-04-04
1386Ray-Ban sunglasses37Sunglasses2015-04-02
1385Ray-Ban sunglasses37Sunglasses2015-04-02
1384Longchamp Bag50Large foldable bag - Han City Fake Market2015-03-25
1383Tommy Bahama Shiry100Medium Tommy Bahama Shirt - Science & Tech Fake Market2015-03-25
1382Mulberry Leather Duffel Bag150Brown Leather Mulberry Duffel Bag - Science & Tech Fake Market2015-03-25
1381D&G Six Button Jacket160Ladies 6 button trench coat, white - Han City Fake Market2015-03-25
1380Michael Kors handbag120Yellow handbag, good quality, in Shenzhen Lohou Fake Market2015-03-24
1379iPhone ThunderBolt Cable10It works, brought in Shenzhen Lohou Fake Market2015-03-24
1378iPhone cover leather40Leather imitation but good look and feel, brought in Shenzhen Lohou Fake Market2015-03-24
1377Abercrombie flipflops30Low to normal quality but cheap price in Shenzhen Lohou Fake Market2015-03-24
1376RayBan sunglasses50Good Quality in Shenzhen Lohou Fake Market, incl. leather bag2015-03-24
1375MontBlanc set60One fine liner and one pen, catalogue look alike, good quality and weight2015-03-22
1374Converse shoes100All star2015-03-19
1373Bluetooth selfie stick40Bluetooth2015-03-19
1372Beats pillar120Speaker2015-03-14
1370New Balance Shoes80at Science&Technology museum started at 350 RMB2015-03-13
1369Mammut hoodie205For men, multiple zippers, waterproof, good material and fine details (on zippers, on labell)2015-03-11
1368Converse120For kids, size 11, 12, got 2 pairs2015-03-11
1367MontBlanc set60One fine liner and one pen, catalogue look alike, good quality and weight2015-03-11
1365dr martens1892015-03-09
1360Ugg boots130Ladies 2015-02-28
1359Jimmy Choo140Large handbag 2015-02-27
1358Beats headphones150bad quality2015-02-17
1357Ugg Boots100Mens2015-02-17
1356Mont blanc20Pen2015-02-17
1352Onitsuka tiger100Shoes2015-02-07
1351iphone 6 500phone2015-02-03
1350Wallet MONT BLANC - high qual60Seller was very mad.. and throw at me change. Starting price was 8002015-01-27
1349Cashemir scarf - high quality33Seller was angry to sell 3 with such not high price2015-01-27
1348dre beats small earphones30Seller was angry to sell them for such a low price2015-01-27
1346North Face Windstopper125Windstopper Summit2015-01-14
1343LuLuLemon leggings120long workout leggings2015-01-04
1342dr martens899leather boots2015-01-04
1339ugg boots130brown high top2014-12-26
1338beats studios150beats2014-12-22
1337Hunter boots100Hunter boots2014-12-21
1336Scarves20Luxury brand "silk" long scarves 20 each bought 20. 2014-12-21
1334Selfie stick25Bargained 5 pieces 2014-12-16
1333Ray Ban sunglasses25Black2014-12-16
1332Canada goose350Bargained 3 pieces2014-12-16
1331Jewelry795Os mais caros 4567. baratos 34782014-12-16
1329Backpacks56Grande-108 Pequeno502014-12-15
1328Phone Accessories89Capas2014-12-15
1327Phone Accessories12Capinhas 2014-12-15
1326Backpacks63Mochila de viagem2014-12-15
1325Other1Aluminium foil cantenars2014-12-15
1324Beats Mini 503 earphones55foldable bluetooth earphones2014-12-15
1323Slippers Uggs1302 pairs of uggs slippers2014-12-14
1322Purse200Michael Kors, Better Quality one2014-12-14
1321Woman's Wallet200Channel, Leather, better quality2014-12-14
1320Mulberry Leather Satchel150Business style2014-12-13
1319UGG adult100size 40 camel 2014-12-08
1318Children UGG80size 30 with boton2014-12-08
1317Ugg - Children 100size 32. Brown with button. good quality 2014-12-08
1316SD micro card reader 15USB SD card reader2014-12-07
1315SD card 64 GB SDHC75SandDisk fake, it does not work2014-12-07
1314silk scarf502014-12-07
1312Chinese Name Stamp53010 x Personalized stamp w/ box and ink2014-11-26
1311Nike Thea 170Black2014-11-25
1310UGG Boots 130Brown High Top2014-11-25
1309Ralph Lauren Jumper75Black2014-11-25
1308Nike Roshe130Black (Started at 350 RMB)2014-11-25
1307canada goose325 Chilliwack Bomber2014-11-25
1306Converse Shoes45White 2014-11-25
1305Bose BT Speaker160Smart Music 1+1 Blue Tooth speaker 2014-11-22
1304Bose QC15410Quite Comfort, high quality on painted parts=HQ. 2014-11-22
1303RL Pullover120Cashmere HQ haning in the back2014-11-22
1302RL Pique50HQ pique RL, Lacoste, Lyle&Scott... 5 for 200 2014-11-22
1300Samsung s5300s52014-11-16
1299canada goose399Canada goose best quality you can find, bought like 8 of them for my family2014-11-13
1298hugo boss belt100genuine leather, great fake, started at 3002014-11-13
1297Mulberry men big briefcase140really big,genuine leather, business briefcase 2014-11-13
1296Mulberry Mens Wallet45Black Leather 2014-11-10
1295Michael Kors Purse150Black Fabric. Started at 18002014-11-10
1294Ties10Supposedly Silk2014-11-10
1293Mens Letaher Gloves60Plain Design2014-11-10
1292Mont Blanc70One Ball [Point one roller Ball2014-11-10
1290Cufflinks60Three sets of metal not plastic cufflinks2014-11-10
1287Tailour Made Shirt50Plain Tailour Made Shirt, with coloured collars and button holes2014-11-05
1286Mulberry Wallet25Black Soft Leather2014-11-05
1285RayBan Sunglasses30Good Quality, Flexible Hinges2014-11-05
1284Cufflinks303 Sets2014-11-05
1283Leather belt200Armani genuine lether belt, high quality.2014-11-04
1282Tailour madeSuit500Took 4 days. Also got two Shirts, Extra Trousers and 2 pairs of Cufflinks2014-11-04
1281Mulberry Handbag350Mulberry Satchel Style. Mulberry Lining. Very Well Presented. Double Sticthed. Leather. Wanted 15002014-11-04
1279TAG Watch150Good Quality. Looks just like my original. 2014-11-04
1278dr dre pills w figure130black initial price 365 bought at Sci&Tech2014-11-02
1277UGG50houseshoe kids colour camouflage initial price 80 bought at Sci&Tech2014-11-02
1276Moncler Down Jacket300Dark blue womens down jacket.2014-11-02
1275Kingston 2TB Stick50Warning they do not work! Sais 2TB but tested=1GB2014-11-02
1274Björn Borg40Mens underware2014-11-02
1272T-shirts45Plain T-s Ninjang Rd type.2014-11-02
1271The North Face Wind Jacket300Size XL2014-11-02
1270Chopsticks20Basic 5 pair2014-11-02
1269Wholong tea180250g2014-11-02
1268Canadian Goose Jacket350Medium size Canadian Goose Expedition Model2014-11-02
1267Mouse70Cordless USB Mouse (PC)2014-11-01
1266Wilson Tennis Racket270Child's racket with case and ball - very good quality2014-11-01
1265Chanel Black Ceramic Watch250Very good quality genuine ceramic watch. 2014-11-01
1264Call of Duty Advance Warfare152014-10-18
1261porsche design2502014-10-09
1260chopsticks50porcelain, 5 settings2014-09-30
1259RC quadcopter200No camera, L6039 w/screen on remote2014-09-30
1258RC boat75small size2014-09-30
1257NFL Jersey100Seahawks Good quality2014-09-30
1256Cotton scarf big20Large size2014-09-29
1255Cashmere scarf big40Big scarf, single tone, best price after checking all markets2014-09-29
1254louis vuitton wallet15wallet2014-09-26
1253Toms 302014-09-26
1252ray ban 30sunglases2014-09-26
1251michael Kors watch502014-09-26
1250kate spade bag120best quality small2014-09-26
1249Nike free60Cheaper than airman because they have no sole cushion2014-09-19
1248Nike free60Cheaper than airman because they have no sole cushion 2014-09-18
1247Rayban30Best quality2014-09-18
1246Converse40On taobao for less, Argumente with screenshot2014-09-18
1245Nike Thea 130120 is possible, not less2014-09-18
1244New Balance70Shoes (t38)2014-09-10
1239beats by dre (3 pairs)300best quality studio (noise canceling) and power beats, low quality beats solo2014-08-30
1238Brsyd by Ftr 3 pairs300Top quality studi noise canceling and powerbeats, low quality beats solo2014-08-30
1237samsung galaxy s5700phone2014-08-29
1236Beats by Dr. Dre200Best quality, but sound is not VERY good2014-08-28
1235Havaianos flip flops502014-08-28
1234Kashmire scarf100Color: red2014-08-28
1233Shirts100at the fabric market2014-08-28
1232Hugo Boss trench coat500Navy blue, good quality2014-08-28
1231Burberry Trench coat500Good quality2014-08-28
1230Suit GOOD Quality400taylor made on fabric market2014-08-28
1229Nike Free200Orange color2014-08-28
1228Omega 007 edition300Best quality2014-08-28
1227Rolex250Rolex with green colored display2014-08-28
1226Silk tie15Silk tie2014-08-28
1225Bluetooth speaker60Circular with beats sticker on. Decent sound quality, pretty loud2014-08-26
1224Silk scarf large50large in size. Bought 32014-08-26
1223Converse high tops60Converse high tops. Bought two pairs2014-08-26
1222Toms55Toms shoes2014-08-26
1221Bag Michel Kors15012202014-08-26
1220Bag Michael Kors150Cabas2014-08-25
1217louis 40bag2014-08-11
1216SportsCam DVR550SJ4000 water resistant case. Like GoPro, 1080p.2014-08-10
1215Montblanc Pens45Best quality, heavy, roller (bought 7)2014-08-10
1214prescription eye glasses225Prescription eye glasses - silhouette2014-08-10
1213Tailored Shirts190100% top grade cotton2014-08-10
1212External Battery Pack (Phone)60Battery pack - Xiaomi2014-08-10
1211Tripod30Gorilla-Pod, Medium size (15 cm?)2014-08-02
1210Handbag160Gucci/ genuine/ leather/ actual fashion2014-07-31
1208Patek Philippe watch50good quality2014-07-22
1207Mens shoes50TOMS2014-07-17
1206Longchamp Purse35Le piliage- large2014-07-17
1203High Heels80Louboutin Paris2014-07-10
1202Handbag160Gucci / genuine leather / actual fashion2014-07-10
1201Sunglass30Rayban Aviator with fake-leather etui2014-07-10
1200Longsleeve Shirt70Tommy Hilfiger / Armani / Boss2014-07-10
1199Beats Bluetooth Speaker50Bluetooth, SD Card slot, any color2014-07-10
1198New Balance 574752014-07-10
1197MK open top tote100various stalls and colors2014-07-08
1196ladies red D&G mac150rain coat style mac, red colour 6 front buttons and tie belt. burberry style lining and removable hood2014-07-08
1195small MK yellow bag150side bag with gold studs outlining and long shoulder strap.2014-07-08
1194pink prada tote300double top gold zips. various stall have in their secret compartment2014-07-08
1192Watch200Panerai fake, Automatic, avergage quality2014-06-30
1191Watch 500A. Lange fake, Automatic, best available quality, genuine leather2014-06-30
1189Louis Vuitton Bag250Nice quality, difficult to distinguish from original ones2014-06-23
1188Gucci Purse100real leather2014-06-15
1187Diesel Air100Mens casual sandals2014-06-15
1186Flip flops shoes40Good quality flat flip flops, the foam holds well and doesn't go flatter, choice of fake brands.2014-06-09
1185SD card 32GB70Tested: 33.74GB, high speed transfer, good quality, fake Sandisk.2014-06-09
1184Sandals shoes150High quality sandals, real leather.2014-06-09
1183Wallet40Minimal design, metal clip to hold your notes, 6 slots for cards, fake but nice leather, high quality sewing, choice of fake brands. 2014-06-09
1182UGG Boots1101 pair of Classic Short in black. Synthetic fur (because it is so so much softer). Very sturdy and comfortable. The quality is good, no faults so far. Packaging was good as it came in a big hard box. Price starts from 580 - 780 RMB.2014-06-06
1181beats bluetooth speaker100"beats" 4 speaker, long rectangle, bought at pearl city 2014-05-31
1180Flashlight20 2014-05-28
1179two pairs of shoes400Onitsuka Tigers (black) and Diesel (white), both size 8.5 and supposedly "real leather. Han City. 2014-05-23
1178Adidas t-shirt100black with white logo on front, XXL (US/Canadian L), stretchy. bought at Han City, first sale of the day 2014-05-23
1177Vans Era80Red and black sneakers, US 72014-05-20
1176Boxer Abercrombie & Fitch10Men underwear2014-05-20
1175Van's Era80two colours2014-05-20
1173wallet100Mont blanc2014-05-18
1172Samsung S4 (Android installed)400Phone2014-05-15
1171Short-sleeve button-up shirts 50Bought 3 for 150, 2 Nautica and 1 DSquared. Look pretty decent, just checkered patterns. Even folded with pins like legit shirts have. All my purchases (North Face, Polos and this) made at Sci&Tech.2014-05-15
1170Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts38Bought 4 for 150. Small polo logo in top left corner. Look pretty authentic. Places do not have them out because they are illegal to sell but all their polo shirts are the same, the logo is just different.2014-05-15
1169Northface Windbreaker Jacket145Black "Summit Series" jacket with removable hood. Jacket actually looks decent. Has thin fleece inside. I think the guy's shop was something like "Wave ski shop" with picture of snow mountain on it.2014-05-15
1168begs100elouis vitton2014-05-14
1167New Balance70Every color2014-05-13
1166CK Briefs82014-05-13
1165CK Briefs 82014-05-13
1164LV zipped wallet200Highest quality fake. Zipper excellent2014-05-12
1163LV purse500Highest quality fake2014-05-12
1162North Face10coat2014-05-12
1161Northface bag200The big one with rubber 2014-05-10
1160ties9mens suit ties2014-05-09
1159North face jacket kids110Double jacket for Kids2014-05-09
1158polo shirts32various brand polo shirts2014-05-09
1157Backpacks200Large 80 liter hiking pack2014-05-06
1156The North Face travelling bag155the big one, with the rubber like outer2014-05-04
1155New Balance Shoes85Burgundy colour2014-05-04
1154poo on toast10yummy AAA2014-05-01
1153Backpack The North Face140Hiking bag2014-04-30
1152Nike Free200womens shoes with socks2014-04-28
1151handbag60womens bag newspaper style2014-04-28
1150Michael Kors2602 handbag big in grey, small one in beige - leather2014-04-28
1149Leather Belt50Quality bit less than expected2014-04-28
1148Converse All Stars (low)60Good quality, had to go to 3 boots in order to get them for 602014-04-28
1147The North Face windstop jacket150Surprisingly good quality. Did some hard bargaining (had to buy two to get to this price)2014-04-28
1146Beats Solo HD Wireless100Bluetooth beats headphones (the small ones). Sound quality is nice, although there's a small hiss when listening on low volume2014-04-28
1145headphone200beats solo hd2014-04-27
1144Beats headphones100behind the ear - Angela 3/F2014-04-26
1143new balance90sneaker2014-04-18
1142Diamond Snapback50looks good also on the back2014-04-17
1138scarf25silk scarfs2014-04-16
1137Kenzo Factory Reject sweater150nice quality... took it to Kenzo shop and was told it was genuine2014-04-15
1135Mont Blanc 32Good build with nice box2014-04-15
1134New Era Flat Cap 40Ok Quality, looks genuine2014-04-15
1133Urbeats75AAAAA Quality from man at under the escalator 1st Floor (Pearl City2014-04-15
1132Michael kor700purse2014-04-14
1131Pens5fake 2014-04-12
1130Dress Coats802014-04-11
1129Laptop Bag802014-04-10
1127Converse sneakers90Low converse sneakers2014-04-09
1126Rayban Eyeglasses200With prescription2014-04-07
1125Polo Ben Sherman75High Quality2014-04-07
1124small silk scarf502014-04-02
1121mens watch100any2014-03-28
1120handkerchief dress,sleeveless60silky with a fun print,started at 180rmb,guess i could have done a little better if i bought more2014-03-27
1119High end women’s watch50Small face womens watches with leather band2014-03-27
1118Mens high end watch150They will start very high but if you walk away a few times they will settle for 1502014-03-27
1117DVD10They wanted more for Blue Ray quality, and seasons, but I got them to do the same price as bootleg. 2014-03-27
1116Beats Audio Bluetooth Speaker60There are two sizes this is the larger one2014-03-27
1115Prada Men’s wallet 50Folded 6 card wallet 2014-03-27
1114Gucci Men’s wallet 50Folded 6 card wallet 2014-03-27
1113Michael Kors colored watch40Comes in many colors linked band2014-03-27
1112Burberry Slide locking Belt 65Burberry on buckle and belt2014-03-27
1111oakley wayfarer sunglasses30They will change lenses for you and they come with nice bag 2014-03-27
1110Longchamp fold up bag50Classic large fold up bag2014-03-26
1109Longchamp fold up bag50Classic large fold up bag2014-03-26
1108Air Jordan trainers/sneakers150White Air Jordans, look and feel reasonable quality. Took some tough bargaining and the woman was nearly in tears at this price. Another shop wouldn't even listen to me at this price.2014-03-24
1107Mulberry80Coffee fold over small bag with removable shoulder strap2014-03-20
1106designer handbag100leather big2014-03-19
1105Watch Calvin Klein60Women, leather belt, big, black2014-03-17
1104woman trench coat260knee length cashmere material D&G at science and tech museum2014-03-15
1103UGGs100above ankle one button at science & tech museumt 2014-03-15
1101Longchamp fold up bag50Classic large fold up bag2014-03-13
1100Hunter boots130Matte black knee high boots2014-03-13
1099Mulberry Bayswater 1000Coffee colour Bayswater bag, large2014-03-11
1097timberland39tb 1069 p262014-03-08
1093Cuff links x 375Pretty generic plain unbranded cuff links from tech museum market. Sphere / cube and pipe cufflinks.2014-03-03
1092Nike Free Run 5.0150High quality replica from Han City Fake Market2014-03-03
1091Ugg High buttons woman150Have paid too much i Guess,2014-03-01
1090belt liebeskind with niets80good quality2014-03-01
1089cap40new era2014-02-27
1088samsung s4400good quality. wlan bluetoth and apps are working2014-02-26
1087belt liebeskind with niets80AA quality2014-02-25
1086Boots160Hunter high black2014-02-15
1084Phone Accessories40 2014-02-13
1083Casual Shoes40 2014-02-12
1081purse100small red bag2014-02-07
1080mullberry wallet50black2014-02-07
1078Suitcase140Cabin size 4 wheels2014-02-04
1077Purse120Big purse Jimmy choo with 2 smaller bags inside2014-02-04
1076Phone Accessories30Leather black protection2014-02-04
1075Leather Belts60Hermes reversable black and brown2014-02-04
1074Flashlight25No batery, manual charging2014-02-04
1073R.C. Helicopter1302014-02-02
1072beats pill 110bluetooth speaker2014-01-31
1071children's t-shirts30size large children shirts2014-01-29
1070Boxer Briefs100ddhf 2014-01-28
1069UGG Lady shoes80Winter shoes normal 80, high 100 RMB2014-01-28
1068ICE watch30smal 30 RMB, middle 35 RMB, big 40 RMB2014-01-28
1067Convers shoes5050 RMB possible, normal 80 RMB2014-01-28
1066Ties10best quality never pay more then 10 RMB2014-01-28
1065NHL & NFL jerseys100Never pay more then 100rmb for a hockey or NFL jersey even if you only buy one.2014-01-26
1064Soccer jerseys60Soccer jerseys should come with shorts 2014-01-26
1063baseball jerseys90Major league baseball jerseys 2014-01-26
1062Jerseys 100hockey and football 2014-01-26
1061Other100hockey and football jerseys 2014-01-26
1060Other100hockey and football jerseys 100rmb 2014-01-26
1059Shoes100New Balance, red sneakers2014-01-25
1058samsung s43552014-01-21
1057beats headphones220bluetooth studios2014-01-21
1056beats speakers140bluetooth rectangle2014-01-21
1055beats speakers45bluetooth round2014-01-21
1054Clothes storage bags45012 x Rectangle zip up bags for storing clothes (4xS, 4xM, 4xL). Total for all 12.2014-01-20
1053Headphones130beats standard2014-01-20
1051Sports Shoes1002014-01-17
1050Leather Belt100Brown Leather, bought from a store selling just real leather goods, no fake items. Good quality. 2014-01-13
1049dr dre beats20headphonnes2014-01-13
1048superdry tee shirt502014-01-12
1047canada goose500jacket2014-01-12
1046North Face jacket130windbreaker, initial offer price 850RMB2014-01-11
1045polo tommy hilfinger100polo cotton 2014-01-10
1044t shirt ILUVchina obamao...30thsirt no brand just fun t shirt panda dragon iluvBJ...2014-01-10
1043backpack lowe alpine140backpack Lowe alpine extreme 55L. blue price was to negotiate but force them start negociate at 100then "make effort" 2014-01-10
1042t shirt nike shox120t shirt nike shox sport for women price can be lowered2014-01-10
1041jogging nike shox220jogging nike shox for women price can be lowered2014-01-10
1040DRSG dress shoes250a dress shoes to go with a tuxedo 2014-01-10
1039BallerineTods shoes120Ballerine Tods shoes very flexible 130 price is lower seller accepted too quickly should be around 100 even under2014-01-10
1038Ferragamo shoes150Blue mocassin style price can be lower seller accepted too quickly2014-01-10
1037New balance shoes120New balance half casual half sport shoes red big N and grey color2014-01-10
1036Caterpillar shoes160Caterpillar Shoes with fur inside black half size not the boot the price may be lower 2014-01-10
1035Diesel for women shoes100Diesel shoes casual blue2014-01-10
1034China souvenier pins1010 pcs pins2014-01-07
1033USB batteries AAx2100Rechageable AA batteries, directly to USB2014-01-07
1032Bluetooth keyboard iPad150Metallic iPad cover keyboard bluetooth2014-01-07
1031Belt60Diesel, 'Automatic'2014-01-07
1030Tie30"100% Silk"2014-01-07
1029timberland shoes200high timberland boots2014-01-07
1028Cuff Link (2)75Price for 3 pairs (after bargain)2014-01-06
1027Bag Cath Kidston902 bags (1big + 1 medium)2014-01-06
1026T-Shirts30Different (not branded) Obamao, Heineken, Nanging stars, ...2014-01-06
1025LED torch1301000 lumen light, black metal case. very bright2014-01-05
1024sweater90fred perry button up sweater - 5 colors - looks quite decent.2014-01-04
1022Rolex GMT Master II 375Black, good quality fake2013-12-26
1021sweatpants80"Abercrombie" sweatpants2013-12-25
1020shorts50"Hollister" shorts2013-12-25
1019shorts50"hollister" shorts2013-12-25
1018Suitcase100small 2013-12-23
1017Jackets160Gore Tex2013-12-22
1013beats pill bluetooth150bought 2 surprisingly good quality, red and black, very good sound, bluetooth works fine2013-12-21
1012beats pro140original beats pro, very good quality, white color, harsh bargain2013-12-21
1011chopsticks302 pairs of chinese chopsticks with rests, nice ancient style, harsh bargain2013-12-21
1009boots200"timberland" boots - good quality except for label inside on insole.2013-12-18
1008Jackets9004 abercrombie and fitch jackets2013-12-16
1005jeans 85diesel2013-12-15
1004IWC watch350Automatic, best available quality, genuine leather2013-12-14
1003Diesel belt60Men, genuine letter2013-12-14
1002Uggs gloves2002 adults, 2 kids, thicker ones2013-12-14
1001Uggs houseshoes502013-12-14
1000t-shirt60paul smith t-shirt. stretchy material. yay! item #1000.2013-12-14
999abercrombie polo75abercrombie polo shirt. good quality2013-12-14
997Ties30Hermes top quality silk tie2013-12-14
996Jeans300diesel 2013-12-13
995Headphones500i pad 2013-12-13
994Casual Shoes10 2013-12-13
993yoyo80jeans all2013-12-13
992Mans scarf250Big, silk, double sided2013-12-12
991purse260better of the 2 qualities they showed. might be leather.2013-12-12
990purse100jimmy choo (soft "leather")2013-12-12
989backpack x21002 childrens oakley backpacks2013-12-12
988iPhone Cable203m iphone 5 cable2013-12-12
987Rolex Watch300Nice Silver and black mechanical watch.2013-12-12
986Canada Goose mens winterjacket330Model 3034L, "coyote" fur on the hood. Had to barque like hell at museum of science and technology. Beginning price 15002013-12-11
985boots300dr martens2013-12-10
984socks7212 pair (3 black, 3 blue, 3 brown, 3 gray)2013-12-10
983t-shirt50superdry brand2013-12-10
982cologne60Hermes men - actually smells fairly decent and lasts. 2013-12-10
981button up sweater125Etro button up. Looks nice. Bought 3 different colors2013-12-08
980cologne60"polo black"2013-12-08
979Diesel sport shoes1502013-12-08
978versace birght crystal60perfume2013-12-07
976Sweat Pants150Abercrombie (2 pairs)2013-12-07
975Pants100Dockers Pants - Good Quality. Upstairs 4th Floor shop.2013-12-06
974dvd box set243Miami Vice - 9rmb per dvd. Should have waited. I found the same thing at another shop that sells ALL dvd box sets for 8rmb per disc.2013-12-05
973sweaters100paul and shark sweaters - bought 5 (gray, green, white, orange, blue)2013-12-05
972sweatpants90abercrombie and fitch sweatpants - s&t market2013-12-05
969Luggage tags15Plastic luggage tags2013-12-04
968Beats Beatbox45Small Beats Beatbox speaker, bluetooth. bought 3 stk. Control cable, it should have two sepp. cables not just one with a splitter2013-12-04
967Down Jacket110Kids down jacket, NorthFace, with hood2013-12-04
966Uggs100children size, suede, brown lined with fur, bought with 1 adult pair2013-12-04
965Uggs150adults Tall suede, brown, lined with fur2013-12-04
964Jeans100Armani (jeans seem to be all the same, except True Rligion were crap, threads and pockets falling off)2013-12-02
9632 piece jacket160Jack Wolfskin2013-12-01
962Cycling set150Short and shirt2013-11-30
961waterproof60North Face "waterproof"2013-11-30
96094330Dre Beats Tour2013-11-28
9582 piece jacket180columbia2013-11-28
957Boxer Briefs112013-11-28
955Ugg150Tall ugg suede, fur lined, Good quality2013-11-24
953boots and casuals520hunters, ugg, converse and New B2013-11-23
952Jeans150Diesel (pretty good)2013-11-18
951Jacket100North Face "waterproof"2013-11-18
950cashmere scarf202013-11-16
949Abercrombie Hoody100Fully fleece lined (not just hood), asking price 3002013-11-15
948Oakley ski googles150could have got cheaper, maybe 80-1002013-11-15
947Prescription lenses (clear)100Custom made to fit my genuine rayban frames, turn around 1 hour2013-11-15
946Prescription lenses (shaded)200Custom made to fit my genuine rayban frames, turn around 1 hour2013-11-15
945Laptop case50neophrene (wet suit material) - 15.6 inch size2013-11-15
944Big Laser Pen80Big laser pen with rechargable battery and charger2013-11-15
943Dre Beats Tour30Vendor - Ginny (3F near top of escalators)2013-11-15
942Signal Jammer110jams gps, wifi, cell/mobile phone2013-11-15
941Silk Scarf20Asking price (1850 RMB, yes... 1850...) paid 202013-11-15
940Dre Beats Pro190Brushed metal, black head band, v good quality, asking price 6002013-11-15
939Beats earphones60In-ear earphones without mic at Technology Museum, bought 2 pieces, price for each2013-11-15
938Hard case Luggage5003 piece set (small carry on, middle and large hard case set, with 4 wheels. Double zipper. 2013-11-13
937Beats speakers50Small round Beats speakers, Bluetooth, black. 2013-11-13
935Other600samsung s4 dual sim, no gps, bad camera, screen 800*480 2013-11-10
934Converse shoe60Converse all star2013-11-10
933MontBlanc pen15roller2013-11-09
932Jade neckless45circle shape, size of 1Y coin2013-11-09
931Power bank 5600mAh752013-11-09
930Beats mini bluetooth speekers45small round model2013-11-09
929Suit shoes180Brown suede men's2013-11-06
928RL socks202 pairs2013-11-06
927iPhone charger70Case w/ 1900 mAh2013-11-06
926Burberry belt + tie1502013-11-06
924Toys60Mini Hover Craft / Mini Boat2013-11-02
923Woman's Coat350Monclair with Fur Hood2013-11-02
922Watch50 2013-10-30
921"Ralph Lauren" men's pullover 75Ralph Lauren look-a-like pullover for men, starting price 120-350 depending on stalls.2013-10-28
920PS3 Controller100dualshock sixaxis PS3 controller (pink)2013-10-25
919Zara gardigan100Gardigan with zara label tag ("outlet"-quality / leftovers from factory, pretty sure overpaid at least 50RMB..)2013-10-25
918Silk tie set40Silk tie, pocket scarf, cuff links (south bund tailor market)2013-10-25
917Cashmere scarves50Big size cashmerescarves from three different stalls, asking price 275-500 (south bund tailor market)2013-10-25
915Alexander McQueen skull clutch100Alexander McQueen style skull clutch2013-10-25
914Longchamp Le Pliage100One big and one medium size shopper (pearl city)2013-10-25
913rc helicopter5002013-10-21
912chanel purse300blue2013-10-21
911men's coat500Burberry winter jacket. Probably overpaid - but looks QUITE nice and AAA quality. 2013-10-19
908beats running headseat100bluetooth 2013-10-14
907sport sunglasses100oakley, set with many glasses 2013-10-13
906notebook bag165armani, brown leather, magnetic stopper2013-10-13
905Pullover 70Ralph Lauren XL2013-10-13
904Chess game 50Small chess game with stone figures 2013-10-13
903Tea set130Tea set with 6 cups2013-10-13
9022 Fans45Two Medium size wooden fans2013-10-13
900New Balance 602013-10-11
898golf shirts560Titleist "quick dry" golf shirts (x10 - one of each color offered)2013-10-02
897watch60Omega. Very nice looking. Surprisingly keeps wonderful time and looks great - not gaudy looking or cheap.2013-10-01
896Louis vuitton wallet250Big black LV wallet from the "secret back room"2013-09-29
895Longchamp bag80big Longchamp bag plus a small make-up bag2013-09-29
892Asics Sport Shoes150running shoes which you can really use for sports, lowest possible price after 5 shops was 1502013-09-25
891Jack Wulfskin 80l Backpack195A huge Backpack in good quality with two additional small bags2013-09-25
890make up forever lipstick82013-09-23
889mulberry wallet1002013-09-23
888Mulberry bag250black - leather mid quality2013-09-23
887Celine bag800dusty pink - good leather2013-09-23
886belt Paul Smith952013-09-23
885small helikopter100heli incl 8 batteries2013-09-22
884Ajax shirt60Ajax shirt = pants2013-09-22
881Socks6010 pairs2013-09-17
880Crocs50Porsche Design 2013-09-16
879Woman winter coat300Max Mara2013-09-16
878Woman short winter coat500Monclair, High quality2013-09-16
877Woman Bag70D&G2013-09-16
876Polo30Ralph Lauren2013-09-16
875Man Jumper70Ralph Lauren2013-09-16
874Jacket200North face2013-09-16
873Jackets250The North face Lucy J-01-132013-09-15
872Headphones200Beats Detox Ali A2-422013-09-15
871Laptop Bag250rolling laptop bag Daisy B1-122013-09-15
870New era ballcap30mlb, nfl, nba etc2013-09-10
869Flash drive50It certainly doesn't work.2013-09-10
868NBA jersey60Fine quality, almost legit.2013-09-10
867Beats Bluetooth Speaker302013-09-10
866polo shirt40Lacoste etc2013-09-10
865Converse 60Shoes2013-09-10
864key chain10with panda bears funny and nice2013-09-08
863polo shirt80dsquarted - good quality2013-09-08
862football shirt and short60matching short chelsea Torres2013-09-08
861fridge magnet10of shanghai bling bling2013-09-08
860tie, cuflings and handkerchief40matching colors2013-09-08
859new balance75new balancr gym shoes2013-09-08
857Ray Ban sunglasses and case30From shanghai science and technology museum.2013-08-27
856Tailor made suit, shirt and ti400From shanghai science and technology museum.2013-08-27
855Beats Bluetooth Speaker60Small, round speaker2013-08-25
852Clutch/Sling purse70Marc Jacobs/Jimmy Choo foldover clutch (two length straps included inside) good quality, zippers smooth, bought 32013-08-16
851louis vuitton wallet45good quality. bought 2.2013-08-14
849Jacket60Traditional Chinese double side (coton)2013-08-05
848NBA t-shirt80Denver t-shirt good quality. They asked me 300 RMB2013-08-04
847Tory Burch Wallet60Black fake leather zipper wallet2013-08-02
846Sports Shoes1502013-07-29
844Headphones250Beats WIFI2013-07-27
843Samsung Galaxy S4450Price per unit for 2 pieces bought2013-07-25
840Sunglasses50Chanel - jewelled/metal hinge2013-07-20
8393 x dress shirts150Short Sleeved (Gant, Nautica & Fred Perry - RMB 50 Each)2013-07-20
837GHD30GHD Hard Travel Case2013-07-16
836IPad Case50IPad Hermes Style Case2013-07-16
835Beats -Studio Beats250Top Quality Studio Beats-White2013-07-16
834Basketball jersey90Jeremy Lin Houston Rockets2013-07-15
833Tea set1004 cups and a tea pot2013-07-15
832Camping backpack13555 litres2013-07-15
831Ray-Bans30Metal frame, glass circular glasses2013-07-15
830iPhone Headphones30Standard headphones with a remote/ mic2013-07-15
829Bose Noise Cancelling Headphon420One set of headphones with a spare lead and a carrying case2013-07-15
825Beisball T-shirt100Beisball T-shirt2013-07-06
824PowerBeats 50Dr.Dre sport headphone2013-07-06
823iphone 5200clone2013-07-03
821Phone450Samsung S4, have copule of differences from the real S42013-07-03
820Watch200Rolex with silver and golden strap2013-07-03
817Sandal50flat, black2013-07-03
813suit500Full suit in 1 day2013-07-03
811Big Handbags11252 prada, 1 coach, 1 LY, 3 woodland2013-07-03
809Belt70Paul Smith Belt2013-06-29
808Men's Jacket155Columbia Omni Tech2013-06-25
807Woman sandals70Zara wedge heel2013-06-25
806Men's button down shirt70Nautica short sleeve2013-06-25
805Headphones50beat 2013-06-21
804Headphones50beat 2013-06-21
803Mulberry Bag100Medium Sized2013-06-16
802Headphones150beats by dr dre sterio2013-06-15
801Beats Headphones160Large2013-06-13
800brand name Baseball caps 20Polo, Jeep, etc. 2013-06-12
799Sunglasses30oakley 20 pairs. 30 per pair those those plastic ones and then i bought 2 metal ones for 70 a piece.2013-06-10
798Watch250rollex watch, it looked nicer than other Rollex. so seller said it is better qualitty etc. the watch does noy show right time i think it is like 2 hours late every day or so. that was waste of money. 2013-06-10
797Socks510 pairs for 5 each but all socks are too small for average white bloke. I checked like 20 stalls ofcourse sellers will say they strach but your feet will hurt. be very carrfull about bying socks.2013-06-10
796Jewelry457 pairs of tiffany and co ear rings each 452013-06-10
795Headphones120bose in ear. i think i paid too much but still cheap for me2013-06-10
794Fan20negotiated price to 20, but did not buy it at the end. yeah i know i am an ass for that.2013-06-10
793Boxer Briefs9i paid 9 for a pair an bought 10 pairs but they were too small and I abandoned them in hotel2013-06-10
792Jackets120Columbia size s jacket with fleece jacket inside. looks really good. very happy about this purchase.2013-06-10
791PRADA wallet (bigger one)150bigger one prada wallet. with lining that says prada and looks good. but not leather. I also could have bought smaller leather one for 70 RMB.2013-06-10
790Games40bought 4 nintendo wii games 40rmb each non of them are working in UK. This was very stupid buy. 40 are way too expensive anyw ay.2013-06-10
789"Oakley" backpack1002013-06-09
788Hockey jersey1302013-06-09
787beats in ear headphones60good sound with box, I bought them for 60 without hard talk, on ebay you can get them for 502013-06-09
786Prada Handbag300Black guffron material I was looking for one with prada inner linning in it, I bought 2 one pvc leather and one guffron maaterial. the ones without prada linnig were for 220, but the one with prada lining 300, I think good price would be 2502013-06-09
785Ties205 for 1002013-06-04
784Hockey jersey1202013-06-04
783Head phones220Dr Dree monster Studio2013-06-02
781Hermes Large Tote Bag1003piece set 2013-06-02
780cell phone watch400k12013-06-01
779Converse 60Shoes2013-05-31
778Boxer Briefs10 2013-05-30
777Hunter Boots140Knee high - shiny black2013-05-29
776new balance 1002013-05-29
775Bagpack Swiss130Swiss gear bagback also for Laptop good quality2013-05-27
774dr dre inear 80beatstour, good bass, mid+treble ok, nice box, maybe you get it cheaper2013-05-27
772Dre Beats (Beatstour)55In-ear headphones with flat-wire and hard box, carry-case2013-05-26
771Bluetooth speaker502013-05-21
770Bluetooth speaker1102013-05-12
769TP Link1102013-05-12
768belt80real leather, diesel2013-05-07
767watch250Hublot Big Bang King2013-05-03
766watch15ice watch : got it for 20rmb and my chinese colleague for 152013-04-27
765Jeans "Diesel"110For woman, started 1000rmb2013-04-27
764Cycling bib shorts and short sleeve shirt250Sky. Quality is OK so far. 2013-04-23
763Jackets200good 2013-04-20
762Boxer Briefs5the boxz are made to stop wedgie pain and to look good 2013-04-18
761Watch200fake Rolex 2013-04-18
759T-Shirts39dress 2013-04-14
758Crocs150 2013-04-12
757Jeep Shirt100high quality2013-04-08
755big Tea cup30with chinese letters on it2013-04-08
754Shanghai Tshirt302013-04-08
752Wii Games52013-04-08
750Hockey Jersey1002013-04-08
749Casual Shoes80chucks2013-04-07
748Small Swissgear Bag 65Small over shoulder nylon bag, black 2013-04-03
747jogging trousers1002013-03-29
746Wallet250A very good immitatin of Prada with high Quality2013-03-29
745Mobile Speaker80Small mobile speaker run by bloutouth 2013-03-29
744Headphones200monster beats2013-03-28
741Boxer Briefs5bought 5 for 25 2013-03-27
740Pens30There are different qualitys. Important to feel the weight of the pen. We got heavy roller pen for 30 RM B.2013-03-27
738Backpack140SwissGear (good quality)2013-03-27
737Girls bag50tokidoki2013-03-27
736eye glasses110Ray Ban2013-03-27
735women boots100Uggs2013-03-27
733jeeper200the house of a little car2013-03-26
731leather belt40Diesel2013-03-19
730Sunglasses30Ray Ban2013-03-19
729purse300louis vuitton large tote2013-03-18
728watch360rolex daytona2013-03-18
727Dress Coats450Wool 2013-03-12
726Watch500Panerai - top 1a quality2013-03-11
722Bluetooth speaker802013-02-24
721Men's belt45Slide through buckle. Leather?2013-02-24
720Men's tweed overcoat300Soft, feels like cashmere2013-02-24
719Men's dress shirt65Long sleeve, no chest pocket2013-02-24
716Men's scarf252013-02-24
715Pens10mont blanc2013-02-23
714Hand bag160Michael kors2013-02-23
712Other60Cashmere labeled...2013-02-23
711Shoes New Balance100 2013-02-21
710North Face Windstopper1202013-02-21
708SD card 32gb70only has 512mb 32gb not working, beware never buy any fake memrory cards or sticks!2013-02-18
707watch150tag heuer better good quality automatic2013-02-17
704Software20office 20102013-02-14
703Watch803x Ice watch. one in a box.2013-02-14
702Scarfs50large LV 2013-02-14
701basketball shirt100 2013-02-13
700Jackets160Patagonia Puffy Down Jacket2013-02-12
695Dress Shoes50402013-02-07
691R.C. Helicopter65small version. the tiny version is about 130 RMB2013-02-03
690beats tour control talk50higher quality then those sold on the street come in a nice box2013-02-03
689beats tour40higher quality earbuds come in nice box2013-02-03
685Jackets150NorthFace windstopper with hood2013-01-29
684Laptop Bag100can be used as a backpack2013-01-29
683Headphones100beats solo2013-01-29
682Headphones200beats pro2013-01-29
681cell phone jammer90disrupts cell phone, 3g and wlan signals2013-01-29
680shoe100converse 2013-01-27
679fake louboutin shoe1502013-01-27
678Abercrobie pullover130one with zip one without (price for each)2013-01-27
675Watch260Rolex GMT Master II2013-01-25
674Dress Shoes40Toms shoes - only one pair for 40rmb, almost the same price as on taobao, good quality2013-01-25
672T-Shirts40Super Dry2013-01-25
671Polo Shirts40polo shirt Ralph Lauren2013-01-25
670RC copter80small one, metal2013-01-23
669Rosetta stone20Mandarin2013-01-23
668Leather gloves60good quality2013-01-23
667Zippo lighter40tribal engraving2013-01-23
664Jeans45running road 2013-01-22
660pee pee boy10Terra cotta statue that pees when water is poured over it. Water temperature tester for Tea2013-01-20
659Scarfs40cashmere with label 2013-01-19
657pearl necklace502013-01-17
6547" Tablett Pc200like ipad mini or galaxy tab 2 7"2013-01-15
653ugg boots 110with Buttons on the side 2013-01-14
651Crocs150 2013-01-13
649Bluetooth Asimom Speaker200Asimom brand bluetooth speaker with mic. and call answer button. Dock to charge in, rechargeable battery. Goodish sound. 2013-01-13
642ice watch30al sise and colour2013-01-08
641Polo Shirts202013-01-07
640roller wheels for your shoes252 pairs for 50, roller wheels that strap to your shoes.2013-01-05
638Purse180Coach 2013-01-03
637Casual Shoes60Canvas Tom's2013-01-03
636Scarfs25Large - multiple quantities2013-01-03
635R.C. Helicopter100Medium size2013-01-03
634Headphones160Beats studio2013-01-03
633hunter boots200crocodile black2013-01-03
630Headphones120beats (large ones)2013-01-01
629Watch330omega seamaster 0072012-12-31
628shirt50hand made tailor2012-12-31
627Suit600hand made tailor2012-12-31
625R.C. Helicopter50Small size2012-12-31
624Jewelry80Big size jade brazalete2012-12-31
623Dress Coats680Hand made2012-12-31
622Fan20Medium size2012-12-31
621Casual Shoes230brown leather bikkembergs2012-12-31
620Software30Office 20102012-12-31
618tennis racket1502012-12-30
617Watch450Omega seamaster classic2012-12-30
616Watch450Omega classic seamaster2012-12-30
614Scarfs25big Kashmir man or woman 2012-12-30
613Dress Shoes2402012-12-27
612Uggs100Small size 362012-12-23
611Software150Adobe Master Suite CS62012-12-23
610Abercrombie t shirt602012-12-22
607Tablet case70fake leather2012-12-20
606mac hdmi cable converter 502012-12-20
605giorgio armani wallet502012-12-20
604Headphones100smaller beats by dre2012-12-19
601Fan25 2012-12-18
600dress suit5502012-12-17
599Headphones230Beats by Dr. Dre Pro2012-12-17
596Backpacks100north face2012-12-16
591R.C. Helicopter3002012-12-16
590Jackets250gortex mamutt2012-12-13
589Casual Shoes4002012-12-13
588Purse150high quality Michael kors. bought 32012-12-12
587Watch500high quality fake Rolex 2012-12-12
584Boxer Briefs502012-12-12
581Jackets200canada goose2012-12-10
580Scarfs25Burberry cashmere very soft2012-12-09
579Casual Shoes502012-12-09
578imiitation jewellery152012-12-09
577Jackets120peak performance softshell2012-12-08
576iPhone 4175016-32gb2012-12-04
573Watch45ice watch with box 2012-12-03
570Suitcase200For Notebook2012-12-02
566Leather Belts1002012-12-02
562Ugs 1002012-11-30
561Fan15middle fan2012-11-29
560Fan10small fan2012-11-29
559Scarfs252 silk scarfs for 50rmb2012-11-29
558Backpacks200n1 north face fake backpack good quality2012-11-29
557Laptop Bag2002012-11-26
556samsung note30002012-11-26
555Leather Belts452012-11-26
553designer boots250leather knee high2012-11-25
552samsung 9 inch tablet820sold with 62gb sd card2012-11-25
550Dress Coats2500 2012-11-24
549Mens dress shirt502012-11-22
547Backpacks130swiss gear2012-11-20
545Casual Shoes2002012-11-19
543Sports Shoes70All Stars high heel.2012-11-18
542Used golfballs2515 pieces.2012-11-18
541Purse150mullberry large 2012-11-17
540Canada goose jacket 2002012-11-14
538hunter boots150rain boots2012-11-11
537Polo Shirts30 2012-11-09
536Dress Coats250white coat max mara imitation2012-11-07
535Headphones200Beats studio2012-11-07
534Phone Accessories1002012-11-05
533Ties15including gift package with scarf and buttons2012-11-04
532Headphones45Dr. Beats (smaller o ne)2012-11-04
531Other100north face winter coat 2012-11-04
530Software25rosetta stone 2012-11-04
529IPhone350(Original Screen Size)2012-11-02
527Games50 2012-11-01
524Cufflinks40with shell2012-10-31
522Cufflinks20plain metal2012-10-31
521Jackets165gore tex fake2012-10-31
520speakers for ipod (small)65without radio2012-10-31
513Dress Coats7502012-10-27
510football trickot 50including shorts2012-10-25
509Watch375better quality breitling2012-10-25
508Wallet60pocket-size man leather wallet 2012-10-24
507abercrombie Pullover 1602012-10-23
505Polo Shirts1002012-10-20
504Uggs80Small for kids2012-10-19
503converse chucks602012-10-18
502Dry Cleaning - Slacks12Dry Cleaning - Slacks2012-10-17
501Phone Accessories202012-10-17
499T-Shirts79puma t-shirt - long sleeves2012-10-17
498DVD8DVD-9 Movies2012-10-15
497Bluetooth Keyboard1802012-10-15
496TP-Link90Wi-Fi Access Point2012-10-15
495Headphones180Beats Solo HD2012-10-15
494Software20mac Office2012-10-14
493Laser pointer30Laser pointer pen2012-10-13
492Suitcase120Medium roller2012-10-13
490Headphones180Beats Audio Monster2012-10-10
489Flag45N1 china flag. 100x50cm2012-10-05
485electric cigarette 40come with 8-10 filters and car/wall/usb chargers2012-10-03
484MP3 Player/Speaker60Android shape mp3 player/speaker 2012-10-03
481Casual Shoes20name brand2012-09-29
480Dre Beats4203 pair solo & 2 pair of over ear studio headphones2012-09-29
479Bag Swissgear1152012-09-29
478Golf Putter1502012-09-29
477Golf Glooves342012-09-29
476Golf Cap282012-09-29
475IWC Watch2652012-09-29
474Dr. Dre1752012-09-29
473Wallet70tall Gucci wallet 2012-09-29
472Purse100Hermes purse2012-09-29
471Software40windows 82012-09-29
469Burberry Scarf80Burberry Scarf Science Center Station 2012-09-28
468Apple IPhone 4S500IPhone 4S2012-09-28
467shirt custom made1002012-09-28
464Casual Shoes130asics leather. good quality2012-09-27
463Polo Shirts1502012-09-26
459dc cap402012-09-25
453longchamp bag50science an technology 2012-09-24
448Sunglasses25Ray Ban 2012-09-21
447Watch130IWC Schaffhausen automatic w/o chronograph, leather2012-09-20
446DVD10DVD9 movie2012-09-20
445T-Shirts80NBA Larry Bird Boston Celtics #33, away jersey (green)2012-09-20
444Watch130TAG Heuer Grand Carrera w/battery2012-09-20
443R.C. Helicopter502012-09-20
442Soccer T-Shirt1002012-09-18
440Beats250Over head beats (not battery)2012-09-18
438Uggs100size 37 classic model2012-09-16
435Casual Shoes60brown flats2012-09-15
432Ties10Normal ties for 10,in boxes for 152012-09-14
431Casual Shoes1002012-09-12
428Jackets100Peak Performance (for summer)2012-09-10
423T-Shirts38after 1,5 hours negotiation (weekend)2012-08-28
420North face windstoppee125jackets2012-08-24
419Burberry Mens Jacket360Jacket from Burberry AAA Quality2012-08-23
418Other750Suit with 2nd pair of trousers2012-08-18
417Other9004 pairs of custom tailored dress pants2012-08-18
416Belt80Good quality leather belt2012-08-18
415Ray Ban Sunglasses20Pretty poor quality, but still look good2012-08-18
413Medium mulberry handbag 210brown, bits of it are real leather, good quality, science and tech market2012-08-16
412Shanghai Shenhua Drogba shirt60Decent quality, very friendly sales lady, came with shorts! Ready for our trials now.2012-08-11
411Sunglasses30asked for 400 got for 302012-08-11
410Backpack80Black, simple 2012-08-11
408Boxer Briefs20borg2012-08-10
397Phone Accessories30iphone case with screen protector2012-07-24
396Polo Shirts150Do the price down2012-07-23
395Paul and Shark Poloshirt150When you want something like that you must do the price down because the seller want 380 for this one.2012-07-23
393Jackets150North pole perfete replica 2012-07-22
391Headphones180dre beats 2012-07-21
390Casual Shoes60converse low2012-07-21
388Baseball cap 30easy one, all brands2012-07-19
386Purse700celine purse black real leather2012-07-14
385Scarfs70hermes 90cm scarf real silk aaa quality2012-07-14
384Pens80chinese fountain pen made of ceramic2012-07-14
383louis vuitton keepall1000louis vuitton keepall black2012-07-14
374shirt150five shirt diesel,quicksilver2012-07-08
372Converse shoes1002012-07-08
371headphone sd card 32g,140laser3002012-07-07
370sportwear pants50Abercrombie for women2012-07-06
368Sunglasses20Rayban wayfarer2012-07-06
367Sweater120Abercrombie with fur inside2012-07-06
366Fake iphone120Only call, SMS and bad quality camera2012-07-06
365Chinese traditional dress1002012-07-05
364T-Shirts50Abercrombie / Hollister2012-07-05
363Watch125Tag Heuer Carrera2012-07-05
362Casual Shoes350Awesome2012-07-04
361Headphones150beats studio with batteries 2012-07-03
360Sunglasses50fare rayban2012-07-02
358Cufflinks 20Fabric market 2012-06-30
357Ray Ban sunglasses 30Fabric market2012-06-30
356Laptop Bag120fake tum2012-06-30
347Casual Shoes50converse2012-06-28
346polo socks5(1pair black)2012-06-28
344Jeans100Diesel jeans2012-06-26
343Socks455 pairs different famous brands :-) 2012-06-26
341rosetta stone302012-06-22
340cashmere maxmara coat5002012-06-22
339kokeshi doll302012-06-22
338Cufflinks20Fabric Market2012-06-17
334Zara Mens coat190more a late fall/winter coat. i got 2 from 2 different shops. the owners at each were not pleased 2012-06-13
331Sunglasses25Good quality2012-06-09
330footbal shirt2504 shirts with shorts, price for all2012-06-07
329tailored Shirt1002012-06-04
328tailored pants1502012-06-04
327Bag 160Mulberry leather bag, Laptop size2012-06-04
325Beats headphones 350Detox (A quality - beats on side is etched not painted)2012-06-02
324Beats headphones (A quality)70earbuds. dr dre2012-06-02
323Hermes orange leather bag420580 west hanging 4th floor Nina shop she is honest and will give real price no games2012-05-30
321Other50Cashmere sweater2012-05-27
320mont blanc500briefcase2012-05-26
319celune purse700all leather A+quality2012-05-26
318Purse700celine real leather A+ quality2012-05-26
316beg chaty kidston500good quality 2012-05-25
315Children Shoes 50Size 20-30! The cost is between 50-100 rnb2012-05-25
314belt40leather belt thick, thin! The cost for it is 40 rnb! Dont pay more. 40 rnb for belt automatic or something like that! No more!2012-05-25
313Converse Shoes65The big converse shoes with converse logo at the right side in an different colour. You can also crinkle the overside!2012-05-25
311Polo Shirts302012-05-24
310Laptop Bag500black2012-05-23
309Ties150hermes 2012-05-23
308Backpacks100backpack camera2012-05-23
304videogames xbox ps3 wii10all videogames cost max 10rmb all over shanghai you pay by the disk same as movies,if you pay more than 10 you are dumb2012-05-18
303beautiful leather shoes120losing a bit color after 1 month2012-05-18
302NFL Jerseys 100top end with sewn patches. $200 in US2012-05-18
301Shorts30Billabong Shorts2012-05-18
300DVD5basically 10 but I bought 10 pieces so he mentioned 'quality so so' I've got discount :)2012-05-18
299iPhone battery case70good price2012-05-17
298iPhone battery extension352012-05-17
297Dress Shoes150Salvatore Feragamo driving shoes. they werw saying something like 400. Looks good and still working all right after 2 momths. 2012-05-17
294Laser 700 mW150Big2012-05-15
293Casual Shoes50all stars2012-05-15
289watch30old town2012-05-14
286Sunglasses30polarized 2012-05-12
285Purse350Top quality leather Chanel 2012-05-12
284Purse150Replica handbags good quality2012-05-12
283Watch250High quality Rolex automatic replica2012-05-12
282Watch100Ok Rolex Replica2012-05-12
281Pens50Mont Blanc Replicas2012-05-12
277Earmuffs15Totoro, grey fuzzy2012-05-10
276fake iPhone900fake iPhone2012-05-06
274celine bag200bag in leather2012-05-01
273Games10had off get it now2012-04-30
272cars 2 game10cool get it now2012-04-30
270Kyte (big) 502012-04-30
269Headphones180Nanjing market2012-04-26
268Leather Belts30Leather belt, quality actually not bad, since it's not sewed together but one piece of leather 2012-04-24
264Fan100ice hockey fan shirt 2012-04-23
262Sunglasses20Ray ban :)2012-04-21
259Casual Shoes85women2012-04-18
257Leather Belts1002012-04-16
255Wallet30leather 2012-04-10
250Boxer Briefs10diesel2012-04-07
249Software20 Language2012-04-07
248Dress Shoes60Steve Madden2012-04-07
246Casual Shoes2002012-04-06
245Headphones500dr dre2012-04-05
244DVD104 dvds for 40rmb2012-04-04
243Wallet30"good" leather, small size, good finishing2012-04-04
242Boxer Briefs6dg2012-04-02
241Casual Shoes45Tom's2012-04-01
240Watch350Omega Planet Ocean2012-03-31
239Sandisk80SDHC 8gb class42012-03-31
238Men's Shirt30Nautica long sleeve working shirt, plently of design, 5 for RMB1502012-03-31
237Men's Jeans100D2Squared2012-03-31
236Casual Shoes902012-03-25
233phone Samsung galaxy nexus29002012-03-24
231xbox 360 and ps3 games 5with box2012-03-23
228San Disk Cruzer EDGE 16 GB89Wujiaochang (jiangwan stadium)2012-03-22
227Casual Shoes100Paul Smith. science technology museum2012-03-22
226HTC sensation2570xujiahui. price included 16gb ed memory card2012-03-22
220T-Shirts16this shirt I would like to have a duck on with green background 2012-03-20
219Sports Shoes10sports shoes for basketball2012-03-20
218Sun glasses252012-03-19
217Tailor made suit4002 nice pieces2012-03-19
216Sport shoes140Nike Air2012-03-19
215Shirts33long sleeves2012-03-19
214Boxer Briefs15 CK 2012-03-18
210Casual Shoes592012-03-18
209blue ray movies15top quality with hard box and extra features2012-03-18
208Games3dsi game2012-03-17
206ego-T 1100 Mah15Electronic Cigarrate2012-03-16
205Phone Accessories50Hai2012-03-16
202Other40leSportsac middle size sholder bags2012-03-16
199Blue ray movies302012-03-11
197Headphones40beats by Dr Dre in ear with case2012-03-07
196Socks5calvin klein2012-03-06
195Boxer Briefs122012-03-06
194Boxer Briefs12calvin klein2012-03-06
192Watch200Rolex deep sea2012-03-04
190GoreTex Jacket with fleece200Two in one Gore Tex jacket Jack Wolfskin2012-03-04
189Ugg,s150Uggs medium high2012-03-04
188Cuff Links15Various cuff links2012-03-04
187bag60katy kidson (or something like that) medium size2012-03-04
185Louise button150 Bag2012-02-29
184Jackets175Women winter coat2012-02-28
181Dress Coats2502012-02-28
179Headphones200philips 2012-02-26
178cufflings famous brand15high quality2012-02-25
177tods shoes crocodile 185best quality i found2012-02-25
176silk scarf 10hermes and LV style2012-02-25
174Oil Massage15090 minutes full body2012-02-25
173Casual Shoes100vans2012-02-23
171Scarfs100 2012-02-19
170Mens Shirt50Work Shirt Style2012-02-19
169Sports Shoes2002012-02-18
1672-in-1 jacket240arc'teryx goretex jacket with fleece inner jacket2012-02-18
165Casual Shoes1502012-02-15
162Headphones180with active noise reduction2012-02-14
161Headphones180Beats Audio largest 2012-02-13
160True Religion Jeans100girls size 282012-02-13
159Watch350Rolex President's Daydate2012-02-12
157Dress Coats2002012-02-12
156Uggs150 2012-02-12
155Blue ray movie (with box)15Very good quality real blue ray2012-02-09
154Jeans100True Religion women's jeans 2012-02-05
153Headphones210Beats Studio Headphone2012-02-05
149Watch35Ice watch fake 2012-01-26
147DVD15Blue Ray2012-01-22
146Laptop Bag1202012-01-22
145Polo Shirts252012-01-22
142LV Passport Holder300leather, good zip, men's2012-01-16
141Uggs100Classic Short Uggs2012-01-15
140Laptop Bag50Cathy Kidston Laptop Sling Bag2012-01-15
138cashmere coat800tailor made - copy of Max Mara model2012-01-14
137Full Body Massage18090 Minutes Very Good2012-01-14
1341 hour foot massage30High Quality2012-01-14
133sweater - brand1752012-01-14
132Suitcase180large wenger noblr2012-01-13
131Leather Belts30belt with metal studs2012-01-12
130sport jacket with pants90water proof2012-01-12
124wallet hermes302012-01-09
120Purse150Fake Celine2012-01-08
119Other150Fake Loubutins2012-01-08
118Headphones200Beats by Dr.Dre2012-01-08
117Games10Stenger street luxury apartments2012-01-06
116Software (windows 7) 102012-01-05
114Backpacks80eastpack bag2012-01-05
113Casual Shoes1002012-01-05
112Watch5029 2012-01-03
110Headphones200beat monster2012-01-01
108silk tie102011-12-24
107Omega Seamaster Professional450ceramic, sapphire face, supposedly relatively higher quality than 200 rmb ones2011-12-22
106Jackets130the north face softshell2011-12-22
104Watch300tag Heuer2011-12-20
103Hermes leather belt6712011-12-20
102Men's Down Jacket310G-Star Raw Bomber jacket2011-12-18
101Gloves10simple cotton gloves2011-12-17
100Golf Glove50Leather2011-12-17
99Sunglasses30Ray Ban Aviators2011-12-17
96Scufflings60Mens silver and golden scufflings2011-12-17
94laser 140big 3km , with battery ,charger2011-12-14
92mont blanc 20good quality2011-12-14
90skirt40Ralph loren ,jeep2011-12-14
88screw drivers30with accessories2011-12-14
86watch 30casio2011-12-14
84socks5unit price2011-12-14
83BAG200LOUIS vuitton with leather2011-12-14
82BAG130chanel- like leather2011-12-14
80watch220mont blanc2011-12-14
79tablet320android, good looking, not wifi2011-12-13
78iphone300bad quality2011-12-13
77double jacket 120columbia, good quality, good looking2011-12-13
76suitcase140leather, mid size, fake mulberry2011-12-13
74armani leather glowes100i think you can get that for 80 at least2011-12-06
73mahjong game xl size703 sizes2011-12-06
70Polo Shirts40bob2011-12-02
68Perl Necklace40fake, but beautiful2011-12-02
65Green Laser pointer4545 for the small ones, 130 for the big2011-11-28
63Binoculars200 2011-11-27
61Tailor made Cashmere Jacket5802011-11-27
60Tailor made Pants130Kids size2011-11-27
59Tailor made Shirt90Kids size Shirt2011-11-27
56leather gloves602011-11-27
54Binoculars100medium size2011-11-27
53Pearl Necklace30from A&P plaza fake market2011-11-27
52Tailored mens shift100from fabric market2011-11-25
51Skirt150custom made wool2011-11-24
49IPhone250fake touch screen fail. but really nice2011-11-24
47golf driver2502011-11-24
45football jersey1002011-11-24
44Boxer Briefs6polo mens briefs2011-11-24
42Mont Blanc Pen152011-11-24
39Purses100Low-end purse2011-11-24
38Chinese fan15decorative fan2011-11-24
37flashlight15hand crank type2011-11-24
36Dr. Dre Beats200Headphones2011-11-24
35Ties15neck ties2011-11-24
34iPad case40leather2011-11-24
33iPhone charger252011-11-24
32R.C. Helicopter150Large2011-11-24
31Rosetta Stone15Language software2011-11-24
30Coats600Wool / Cashmere2011-11-24
29Games10Wii, Xbox, Playstation2011-11-24
28Software15per disc2011-11-24
27DVD5per disc 2011-11-24
24Laptop bag60leather2011-11-24
23Jacket150Northface Gortex2011-11-24
22T-Shirt25simple shirts2011-11-24
20Socks5per pair2011-11-24
19Boxer briefs62011-11-24
16Dress Shoes1502011-11-24
15Running shoes1002011-11-24
14Casual Shoes602011-11-24
11Jean150name brand2011-11-24
10Sun Glasses30Oakley, Rayban, etc2011-11-24
9Watch250Nice watch2011-11-24
8Watch50Cheap one2011-11-24
6Kite70Kite with string2011-11-24
5Watch100Mao watch2011-11-24
1Watch50Wrist Watch2011-11-21

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