Fake Market Shanghai 2023

30 Jan

Shanghai, China boasts a vibrant shopping scene, but beware of the fake markets that have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. These markets sell counterfeit and knock-off goods, including designer clothing, handbags, watches, electronics and more, often made to resemble the real thing and sold at a fraction of the price.

One of the most notorious fake markets in Shanghai is the Qipu Lu Clothing Market, located in an underground mall. Stalls here offer knock-off clothing and accessories at very low prices, but buyer beware: the quality of these goods often falls short and may not last beyond a few wears.

Another popular fake market, Guangfuli Fake Market, lies in the heart of the city and specializes in counterfeit electronics and gadgets. You can find fake iPhones, knock-off GoPro cameras and more, sold at cheap prices. However, the quality of these goods is questionable, as many may not work properly or break after only a short period of use.

Street vendors and small shops also sell counterfeit goods out in the open, making it difficult to spot them.

By purchasing counterfeit goods, you not only support the illegal market but also harm legitimate businesses and contribute to the loss of revenue for original brands. Additionally, this practice creates an uneven playing field for legitimate businesses, impacting the local economy negatively.

In conclusion, resist the temptation of fake markets in Shanghai and opt for authentic goods from reputable retailers. Your purchase supports the local economy in a positive way.

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