Science and Tech Fake Market hours

28 Feb

Several folks have asked how late the fake market in the metro for the Shanghai and Technology Museum is open.

The short answer is 8:30am-ish to 7:30pm-ish

In my experience the owners tend to open their shops around 8:30am with all of them usually open no later than 9am. They start closing up the storefronts between 7pm and 8pm depending on the day (weekends vs. weekday) and how many customers are there. The owners are usually always happy to remain open if your in the store and they think they have you on the hook for a sale.

Shopping Tip: Many Chinese are superstitious and they believe getting an early sale in the day will lead them to a more successful day of selling goods. Get to the market in the morning for slightly less work to get a good price.

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